Tangle Ridge
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Tangle Ridge Hike Scramble - Icefields Parkway Columbia Icefields

Camped the night before at Wilcox Creek campground a few kilometres before the Icefields Centre

View from the Wilcox Creek campground as the sun begins to set

Trail heads off south for a bit parallel to the highway then swings back around towards the falls as it gains elevation

Parking lot on the west side of the road. Tangle Falls is on the east side of the road.

Toilets just beside the Tangle Falls parking lot

Views begin to open up fairly quickly

After about 30 minutes (plus or minus) of hiking, the trail comes quite close to the creek that feeds Tangle Falls. Here you see across the creek a couple of cairns close together. This leads up the correct drainage. You follow a faint trail for a bit but the object is to hit a steep trail on the left that take you up above on the left side of the drainage.

Looking at the objective. Trust me the summit is a long ways away and very foreshortened. Numerous false rises above tree line can be discouraging.

The steep trail on the left that takes you above and left of the drainage. If you miss it you will eventually have to climb out of the drainage to your left

High on the left side of the drainage

Adeem steps into the picture

The views will excite or comfort you on his long plod

Stutfield Glacier


Looks close but it is not

The early part of the slope above tree line

Still going on

Mt Columbia and the North Twin sticking their heads up above the glaciers

Wow, views are looking nice! Mt Alberta left of center.

And more!

Views to the south, Mt Wilcox, Mt Athabasca, Mt Adromeda

Nigel Peak is left, Mt Wilcox is right, both moderate scrambles

At long last the repeater tower

Notice you can't see the initial slope above tree line

Adeem topping out in an amazing bunch of scenery!


Sunwapta Peak to the north, a long scramble

Closer view of Mt Columbia and North Twin above the Kitchener and Stutfield glaciers

Enjoying those amazing views!

Views to the east

Taking it all in!

Long slope but summit slope hidden from view far away

A persevering but beautiful day draws to a close

Tangle Ridge Hike Scramble - Icefield Parkway Columbia Icefield

Scramble: Class 1 Steep Hiking, Ski poles would be useful, never ending scree slope with terrific views to your left

Altitude: 3,000m (9,843 ft)

Elevation Gain: 1,240m (4,070 ft)

Ascent Time: 3 to 4 1/2 hours

Best Season to Scramble: July to October but more important is a blue sky day


This scramble offers big mountain views of Mt. Andromeda, Mt. Athabasca, Mt. Columbia, Mt. Alberta as well as many others.

Perseverance would be a good quality to have for this one!

Getting There

Head west out of Calgary on the TransCanada highway # 1 to Lake Louise 187km (116.9 miles). Continue west on the TransCanada for another 2.5km and take the Icefield Parkways / Jasper exit (highway 93) going north. Head north approx 124km (77.5 miles) to the Wilcox Pass campground which is 3 km before the Icefield Center. Tangle Falls is 7 km past the Icefield Center or approx 10km from the campground. Parking for Tangle Ridge is on the left (west) side of the road if heading north.