Snow Peak
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Snow Peak Scramble via Burstall Pass Hike

The trail to Burstall Pass is Bear country so take precautions, I recommend hiking in a group versus doing this one solo

Parking lot with washroom

Start of hike to Burstall Pass with Snow Peak way in the distance

Make sure you don't go wrong here as we almost did

Good biking road for the first 3 km

Chains to lock your bikes to

After just under an hour the braided stream meadows

The entrance into the trees from the meadows

After ascending through the first set of trees a flat area for a bit

Trail up to Burstall Pass

Near Burstall Pass the majestic Mt Assiniboine comes into view!

Looking back down the valley, Fortress and Mt Chester in the far distance

Heading towards Snow Peak from Burstall Pass

We ascended the right hand ridge line

A closer view of the ascent line

Look back at Burstall Pass area

Fairly steep here

Very steep middle section but still not hands down

View of slope angle and Sharks Fin in the distance

Slope after the steepest section

Closer to rock bands

Closer view

Take this one straight on but be careful to your right

Last rock band before summit ridge skirted to the left

Summit ridge, can't beat these views!

Mt Assiniboine

Yours truly, -2c, hardly any wind, very nice!

Summit views

Leman Lake and the Sharks Fin

Mount Sir Douglas

Back on our way down from Burstall Pass

More trail down from Burstall Pass

Goodbye Snow Peak

Back at the trail head, the end of a beautiful day!


Snow Peak Scramble via Burstall Pass Hike

Scramble: Class 2 Steep Hiking

Altitude: 2,789m (9,148 ft)

Elevation Gain: 900m (2,952 ft)

Ascent Time: 3 4 Hours, approx 19km round trip

Best Season to Scramble: August to September to avoid the big water flows in the braided creek area of the meadows, may need sandals to cross some streams, maybe not

The trail to Burstall Pass is Bear country so take precautions, I recommend hiking in a group versus doing this one solo


This scramble follows the hike to Burstall Pass, outstanding scenery is everywhere from Mt Assiniboine, Mount Sir Douglas, Mt Birdwood and Leman Lake

Getting There

Head west out of Calgary on the TransCanada highway # 1 for 79km (49.4 miles) and take the Kananaskis Country highway # 40 turnoff and head south. Continue south and turn right into Peter Lougheed Provincial Park which is 49km (30.6 miles) south of the TransCanada. From this turnoff drive 2 km (1.25 miles) and turn right on Spray Lakes road driving around another 20km (12.5 miles) north until you reach the Burstall Pass parking lot on your left. Burstall Pass parking lot is big and well signed. If you are coming from Banff you have to go through Canmore, up past the Nordic Centre which turns into Spray Lakes road and head south for around 40km give or take a few kms. The Burstall Pass parking lot is right across from the Chester Lake parking lot if that helps you.

Route Description

From the Burstall Pass parking lot start off on the wide trail making sure in a minute or two to head right on the proper trail instead of the gravel road heading left (see photo). Many people bike this part of the Burstall Pass trail for approx 3km to the bike lockup spot to save some time. If you are hiking its about 3.5km or just under an hour to the wooden bridge that takes you to the stream braided meadow area. Follow the signs across the meadow to the entrance into the trees. From here it is a steep section, then a flat section, then another steep section up to Burstall Pass. Allow 2 to 2 hours to the pass including a snack break along the way. Better to have a snack break before you get up onto the pass proper as there may be considerable wind up there. From Burstall Pass the way is obvious as Snow Peak dominates to the right. Allow 1 hour to 1 hours to the summit of Snow Peak.