Mt. Jimmy Simpson
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Mt. Jimmy Simpson – Bow Summit Area

JSimRte1.jpg (64995 bytes)

Picture from the headwall area, route goes around the trees farther left of the picture and works its way back into view as above

JSimRte2.jpg (61828 bytes)

From the col its a nice 20 to 25 minutes to the top up a broad summit ridge

The bowl up to the saddle is steep and loose

Final slope to the summit of Jimmy Simpson

Summit views are very nice!



Mt. Jimmy Simpson

Scramble: Class 1 – Steep Hiking, Some Use of Hands

Altitude: 2,940m (9,640 ft)

Elevation Gain: 1,000m (3,280 ft)

Ascent Time: 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 Hours 7km one way 4.2km to back bowl

Best Season to Scramble: End of June to October


This scramble offers beautiful and up close views of Bow Lake and the Wapta Icefield. One of the best viewpoints in the Bow Summit area.

Getting There

Head west out of Calgary on the TransCanada highway # 1 to Lake Louise 187km (116.9 miles). Continue west on the TransCanada for another 2.5km and take the Icefield Parkways / Jasper exit (highway 93) going north. Head north approx 37km (23.1 miles) to the Bow Summit area. Turn left into the Num-ti-jah Lodge parking lot with washrooms in the corner.

Route Description

From here it’s a one hour (4.2km) walk around the right hand side of the lake to the last bowl and headwall. From here you head right and circle around the last trees and work your way back on this slope until you see the ascent route which has a large green patch as per route photo above. Once you get past the first green patch you are traversing up on side slopes keeping a look out for old pink ribbons attached to stubby trees. Follow these working your way towards the last section which goes up to the col. Pick the easiest line up to the col. From here head right for 20 to 25 minutes up the broad summit slopes. Enjoying the increasingly awesome views as you go.