Mt Bryant
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Mt Bryant Scramble Elbow Falls Area

Wide Canyon Creek with a rainbow

Turn right here up this creek after 20-25 minutes

A look at the terrain as we head NW up the creek

Creek widens up for some sections

Should have known what we would encounter

After quite a trek up the creek these 2 cairns appear on the left side

Working our way through the trees into the upper valley

Traversing open slopes heading south, tarn sits below the end of the valley

Just before the tarn you can ascend this slope overcoming the above rock band on the left

Are we having fun yet, our stop just before the rock band and scree ascent

After the rock band a nice shot of the tarn, our ascent was on October 31st

Enjoying the foreshortened slope and the heavy wind which blew us over a few times

Vicky likes her goggles, stylish!

Almost there, what a battle against the wind!

Wind warning in effect!

Free hairstyling

Checking to see if Wietse Bylsma actually made the summit, uh yes he did

Mt Howard to the south, So and his friends were being blown around this one at the same time

Moose Mountain to the East

On our way back we found these tracks following ours

Mt Bryant

Scramble: Class 2

Altitude: 2,629 m (8,623 ft)

Ascent Time: 4- 5 hours, approx 9km one way

Elevation Gain: approx. 900 m (2,952 ft)

Best Season to Scramble: July to September


Beautiful tarn in the upper valley, great views from the summit of Glasgow, Howard, Fisher, Bogart, scree on last slope above tarn is very loose (might be a lowlight)

Getting There

Head out to Bragg Creek and onto highway 66 to Elbow Falls. At the end of the road you can go left into Elbow Falls campground or continue straight leaving the pavement and onto a narrow gravel road called Powder Face trail. Take the gravel road for approx 14.5 km until you reach the wide Canyon Creek drainage. There is a small pull off here on the right side of the road.

Caution - on our trip we encountered a mountain lion track which followed us up the NW creek for a long ways so I would recommend doing this trip with a group of people not solo. Our group at least had a couple of fixed blade hunting knives and one piece ski poles.

Route Description

Head west on the Canyon Creek drainage for 20-25 minutes and take the creek bed coming into Canyon Creek from the right. This creek heads north west around Mt Bryant and then turns south into the upper valley.

Head up the creek bed for a considerable ways keeping left until you arrive at a couple of cairns directing you left into the trees on a narrow trail. Climb up this steepish trail as it heads into the upper valley where there is a tarn. From the tarn you can view the ascent slope keeping more left to overcome a rock band and then it is a loose scree slog to the summit.