Moose Mtn
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Moose Mountain - Bragg Creek Elbow Falls Area

The start of a pretty long hike - Moose Mountain

Start of the trail from parallel parking spot, angle parking is to the left


Long distance view of the route past tree line - Moose Mountain

S - Moose Mountain summit, trail curves around west then up the switchbacks

Feels steeper than it looks - Moose Mountain

Finally approaching the switchbacks at the base of Moose Mtn

Cool view of the summit block - Moose Mountain

Once above the switchbacks you see the summit block

Summit shot, forgot to smile - Moose Mountain

On the summit, very nice spot!

H'mmm this guy has picked a good location to beg - Moose Mountain

A friend to share my Caramel Peanut Fusion Power Bar with

Pretty nice views for the effort - Moose Mountain

A view from the top

Heading back down a good day for sure - Moose Mountain

Summit block trail as we head back, a great hike!

Moose Mountain

Scramble: Class 1 Ė Steep Hiking

Altitude: 2,437 m (7,995 ft)

Ascent Time: 2 Hours give or take 30 mins

Elevation Gain: approx. 477 m (1,565 ft) 7km one way 14km return

Best Season to Scramble: May 15 to September Ė Shell road closed in winter from Dec 1 to May 14th


This fairly long hike brings you to the Moose Mtn fire lookout and provides a very scenic view on a clear day. The foursome, Banded Peak, Outlaw Peak, Mt. Cornwall and Mt. Glasgow can be seen to the Southwest.

Getting There

Head out to Bragg Creek and onto highway 66 towards Elbow Falls. Around 14 km down highway 66 you will see on your right a sign for the Paddy Flatís campground. The next right (approx .8 km) past the sign for Paddy Flatís campground is the Shell Canada maintained road up to the Moose Mtn trailhead. This turnoff is unmarked. Follow this gravel road for around 7+ kilometers to the trailhead.

Route Description

The trailhead has spots for angled parking and parallel parking. The trail heads north on an old road drops about 60 metres in elevation then levels out before slowly rising and curving around west to the initial switchbacks on the lower slopes of Moose Mountain. Once above the switchbacks it levels out and you dip down slightly before coming to the summit block. At the summit block the trail ascends on the left side and brings you to the fire lookout.