Lipalian Mtn
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Lipalian Mountain - Skoki Lake Louise

A view from the TransCanada as you approach Lake Louise

The sign of the area as you reach the top of the Larch Chair

Just past the cables for the Larch Chair and before the brown building

you head right up the wide open ski slope

Looking back as you crest section 1 of 2

Looking up at section 2 of the ski slope

Adeem enjoying the scramble with his home made ski pole :)

The objective comes into view at the top of section 2

Top of the Larch Chair a good spot for a break

Our route, although you could ascend quite a few ways if you wanted

Mt Temple, the scramblers classic!

The slope is a bit foreshortened with a couple of crests

Looking back at the Larch Chair

The final part of the boulder field

The last part to the ridge crest

From the ridge crest a short jaunt to the false summit

The true summit from the false summit

Summit bliss in beautiful surroundings

Mt. Douglas and Mt. St Bride to the north

Mt. Redoubt and Fossil Mountain

Purple Mound in the foreground

Mt. Richardson almost clear of snow except the summit

Mt Temple Unique to the south

Mt Temple Unique 2

Heading home

Took the scree slope on the way down

Heading home

Last part of the ski slope before the road

Alpine Wallflower


Lipalian Mtn – Skoki Lake Louise

Scramble: Class 1, 2 – Steep Hiking, some hiking through boulder field if so inclined but avoidable if stick to scree

Altitude: 2,714m (8,902 ft)

Elevation Gain: approx 1,024m (approx 3,360 ft)

Ascent Time: 3 – 3 1/2 Hours

Best Season to Scramble: Mid-June to October


This scramble is part of the Lake Louise ski hill, east side, Larch chair, and for the effort provides outstanding views of Mt Temple and the Valley of the Ten Peaks to the South, Skoki area to the North including Mt Richardson, Mt Redoubt, Fossil Mountain, Mt Douglas and Mt St. Bride

Getting There

Head west out of Calgary on the TransCanada highway # 1 to the Lake Louise ski hill. Just before you get to the main ski lodge area you will see a sign for "Skoki" or the "Fisk Creek Parking Lot", this is a right hand turn onto a gravel road and only a short distance later you arrive at the parking on your right and the locked gate for the Temple Lodge road.

Route Description

Head up the Temple Lodge road for about an hour, near the end taking the fork to the right on the road. This will lead you above the Temple Lodge and on the route to access the Skoki valley. You will soon pass under the cables for the Larch ski chair, it’s the next big open ski slope that you head right and ascend. The ski slope has 2 sections and when you crest the second section the upper mountain of Lipalian will come into view. Head up towards the ski lift station and enjoy a short break there in the shade as you look at the last 1,000 feet or so. To ascend the last part we went to the right to access the ridge but then chose to go straight up through the boulder field and intersect the rocky ridge about 2/3 of the way along. You could take the ridge to the far right all the way with a little detouring around the bigger parts or you could stay left of boulder field along the edge of the scree. The choice is yours. The high point above the boulders is where you want to get to.

The true summit is actually a few hundred yards beyond the highest point that you can see with little elevation gain left just a gradual stroll with great scenery.