Mt. Kidd South
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Mt. Kidd South - Kananaskis Country - Highway 40

KiddS Slope.jpg (55694 bytes)

View of upper gully once you leave Galatea trail and go though trees and up the steep lower part of gully

Closer view of the upper gully and slopes

KiddS SumRidge.jpg (51453 bytes)

Once you reach the ridge top it's a 5 minute traverse to the summit cairn.

KiddS MMBDA.jpg (62952 bytes)

Here's the happy crowd at the summit in 30C weather.  Left to right, Allan, Darcy, Blake, Michael, and Maja.

View of the descent route to Galatea Trail from above

Mt. Kidd South - Kananaskis Country - Highway 40

Scramble: Class 1 – Steep Hiking

Altitude: 2,895m (9,496 ft)

Ascent Time: 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 Hours

Elevation Gain: 1,290m (4,231 ft)

Best Season to Scramble: June to September


This scramble has an hour long hike along Galatea trail before you even start heading up hill. From the Galatea trail it’s straight up a steep slope all the way. Sounds like fun, eh! I would recommend a cooler day for this one. I went when it hit 30C even on the summit. It was good I had 3 of those litre steel vacuum bottles full of ice water as well as a couple of litres of regular H2O. Nevertheless the summit views were very nice and gave you that "way up there" feeling.

Getting There

Head west out of Calgary on the TransCanada highway # 1 for 79km (49.4 miles) and take the Kananaskis Country Highway 40 turnoff and head south. If your base is Banff head east on the TransCanada for 52 km (32.5 miles) and turn south on route as above. Drive south for 32.7 km (20.4 miles) to the Galatea Creek parking lot. Parking lot is a right hand turn off the highway.

Route Description

The Galatea trail took huge damage in the summer of 2013 flood and has since been rebuilt. I have not been on the new trail yet so an accurate description for the point where you exit the trail and head up Mt Kidd South is a route finding exercise for yourself. It used to be near the vicinity of the 7th bridge. I do understand that the cairn for where to leave the trail is still there but sometimes in the past it has been kicked over.

If you take the correct exit, it's a bit through the trees on a faint trail then it opens up a bit and then brings you to a narrow gully which leads to the wide open upper gully as per the first photo above.

Once the gully opens up, head up steep grassy slopes to your left to access the final slope to the ridge top. From the ridge top you head east traversing along the right (south), it’s only a few minutes to the summit cairn.

Please note your ascent route by looking back frequently and descend the same way. There is still some confusion on the proper ascent gullies when leaving the Galatea trail. I hope to do a little more research and nail down the gully issue. For now if you leave the Galatea trail at the proper spot you should arrive at the view of the first photo and the route should be straight forward from here. If you find yourself in increasingly difficult terrain you would be wise to not continue as you are likely off route.