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1. The Creation Model and the Flood

2. The Geologic Column and the Fossil Record

3. The Age of the Earth

4. No Mechanism for Evolution Found

5. God's Prophetic Plan

6. Israel's Return to the Promised Land

7. The Rapture of the Church

8. The Need for Salvation

9. The Cross of Christ

10. The Great Apostasy

11. The Millennial Kingdom

12. The Restitution of all Things




If you are unfamiliar with the Bible you are in for an incredible journey through these pages. I will show that Creation and Noah's worldwide flood as a model for earth's past fits the physical evidence out there in a far superior way than Evolutionary dogma. Most of the material on this issue has not received a wide audience. Media and educational control by secular humanists have discounted or suppressed the Creation side.

From Creation we will move to God's overall plan to send the Lord Jesus Christ to reign from Jerusalem as king over all the earth for 1,000 years. The incredible events happening right before our eyes in this generation are heralding the return of Christ as in no other time. What kind of book can predict the future 2,500 years in advance. Yet it will be shown that the Bible lays out detailed history in advance. Just think about the requirements of making a prediction for the distant future and having the ability to bring it to pass. None of us has the longevity or the ability to foresee and control all circumstances. Only an infinite being could possess such sovereignty and power.

From Prophecy I want to move to God's desire to bring you back into a personal relationship with Him. The God of creation is not one who can arbitrarily let the guilty go free. However, Christ who stood in your place and paid the price can now pardon a repentant sinner. One of the reasons I did not write this material is to bring a person into bondage to a religious system, priesthood, or church denomination. A true relationship with God brings mental freedom and inner peace. It brings a right view and attitude towards God, themselves and their fellow man. I would strongly caution anyone from blindly jumping into the religious scene of our day. One of the pitfalls of our generation is that religious Christianity with no true spiritual life was prophesied as the dominant form in the last days before Christ returns.

Have you noticed how religious most of mankind is? Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, and Islam claim adherents in the billions! Even the most irreligious person in dire straits will give out a foxhole prayer as a last resort. The God of the Bible says he created man with a built-in knowledge of his existence that man suppresses. Why all the religion then?

Ignorance of the Bible has brought devastating blindness to the spiritual battle taking place. God has said there is a unseen battle raging between a fallen angel and himself over mankind. God has identified this archenemy as Satan. Religion is the fertile battleground between God and Satan. Man is easily deceived into a religion that lets him approach God in his own way. It would be no surprise then if God and Satan were battling for leadership in the seminaries and church pulpits creating a vast mixture of true and false Christianity. If you add in the other major religions you have a vast scene of religious confusion.

How is this battle manifested? Undermining the Bible, creating religious confusion, and counterfeiting true Christianity are a few of the methods that manifest themselves in the religious and secular world and have the fingerprint of Satan.

Undermining the Bible has been an all time favorite. For our generation Evolution masquerading with the mantle of true science has sought to undermine the Genesis account of a young earth, the flood, man's rebellion against God and his need for restoration. The implications of denying a creator and designer of the universe are enormously deceptive if not true. For then man is effectively his own god and sets the rules as he sees fit. Life becomes a moral free for all as every one does what is right in his own eyes. There is no such thing as Noah's flood, man's fall into sin, or the need for Christ to pay the price for sin. This issue is crucial to man's direction and purpose in life. It will be a heart breaking day if each person must truly stand before Jesus Christ but has ignored the need to get right with God beforehand.

Let's look at the area of religious confusion. Have you considered the philosophies, psychologies, religions and cults out there in the market place. They all offer a path to God or to inner peace if you will join their group and follow their rules or methods. They all use a mixture of truth and error when compared to the Bible. They are all man made and seek to approach God on their own terms through some sort of human works.

Many of them claim to follow the Bible and acknowledge Jesus but they subtly add human merit in their approach to God. Only true Christianity has God through Jesus Christ paying the penalty for sin opening the door to heaven through repentance and faith totally excluding human works. If the true God is holy, just, righteous and morally pure can anyone enter his presence based on his own works?

What about counterfeiting true Christianity. A religion with a Christian label which appears to be the real thing but is not genuine. Consider how much of religious Christianity thinks that they will go to Heaven based on their good works outweighing their bad? Or what about presenting a Jesus who is less than the eternal God of creation? Or what about a church who says that people are basically good?

Consider the idea of impersonation, ie. pretending to be the Christ or the Messiah or on a more subtle note, a minister representing God. How many gurus in our generation have gathered a following by claiming to be a God-man? Reading Matthew chapter 24 would reveal that the deception of this type would greatly increase towards the end of church history. Jesus Christ rose from the dead, has nail scars in his hands and feet, and a wound in his side. He has a body that will never age or die. He is sitting at the right hand of God the Father until the time for exercising his visible authority on earth comes. Where are all these other guys coming from? What about a minister in a pulpit who believes in evolution or thinks Bible prophecy (1/3 of the Bible) is too confusing? What about a minister that tells you to just believe in Jesus without repentance or tells you that Jesus is just one path to God? Who's side is he really serving on? What about a minister or counselor who says you suffer from low self esteem. God says man is in rebellion against him and suffers from the bondage of the sin nature. One needs to be very careful to evaluate those who claim they represent God by the Bible.

Well, not your usual introduction but I trust you'll read on, you don't have to have a frontal lobotomy when it comes to the Bible and science or prophecy. You don't have to check your mind at the door, take a blind leap of faith and join the religious scene. I would more recommend an investigative approach. You may not have been there but surely a worldwide flood wiping out all life on planet earth would have left some evidence? Or surely if a book can predict the future 2,500 years in advance that might be cause for some thoughtful deductions?