Huron Peak
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Huron Peak

The 4x4 Road Approach Photos 2.1 miles - August 17 Conditions

The road is pretty confining so you have to tire a lot of rocks

This rock sat about 5 or 6 inches high and had many scrapes on it

Looking back at the creek crossing which in time will create quite a crosscut in the road

Click this thumbnail for a bigger picture of a particularly rough and confined part of the road

More rough road to navigate without much room to maneuver

A pretty confined dip okay for short wheelbase vehicles

The mud hole area with the meadow bypass August conditions though

Finally the last 3/4 mile is on pretty good road compared to the first mile and the mud hole area

Huron Peak Hiking Photo Section

Trail winds its way to the west side of the mountain with a view of the Apostles

Above tree line you reach this nice alpine basin

You cross the basin and begin switch backing up the slope to Huron on a good trail

A view of the trail higher up the slope

The upper part of the mountain with summit in view

Beautiful views!

Huron Peak

Scramble: Class 2 Steep Hiking

Altitude: 14,003 ft

Elevation Gain: 3,800 ft, 9.5 miles from the 2wd TH, 3,500 ft, 5.5 miles return from the 4x4 TH

Start Time: 5am to 8am to be on your way down by noon and avoid potential lightning storms

Ascent Time: 40 minutes to walk to 4x4 TH, then around 3 hours from there


This scramble has a great trail with good switchbacks almost to the top. The last couple of hundred feet is on a steeper more primitive trail but not too difficult. Views of the 3 Apostles and Missouri Mountain.

Getting There

From Leadville drive south for 20 miles on US highway 24 and turn right on Chaffee County road 390. From Buena Vista drive 14.5 miles north on US highway 24 and turn left on Chaffee County road 390. Once on 390 drive around 11+ miles on this washboard bumpy dirt road to the historic town of Winfield. As you come to the center of these old buildings take the road heading left another mile to the 2wd trailhead. From this TH you can go another 2.1 miles up the road to the 4x4 TH and the start of the Huron Peak trail. I think a high clearance vehicle could make it up the 4x4 road but you must decide if it is worth the extra risk. Check out some of the photos of the road. I could have made it all the way with my RAV4 but declined. Being so far away from Calgary I did not want to take the extra risk. Keep in mind I am talking about August conditions where the road was relatively dry. Earlier season conditions would likely warrant a high clearance 4x4.

If you do decide to drive the 2.1 miles there is a junction after .7 miles, take the right fork (there is a sign indicating Huron here at the fork), there is a couple of other turns approx at the 1.7 mile point but keep going straight to the 4x4 TH and the gate.

Updated trailhead info available here



There is dispersed camping along county road 390. Most just sleep in their vehicles at the trailhead to get an early start. There are no restrooms at either the 2wd or 4x4 TH. There is a restroom about 4 miles back on 390 at the Belford Oxford Missouri trailhead so stop there if you need to do serious business.

Route Description

From 4x4 TH go left at the gate not straight through and you are on the Huron Peak trail. There is a sign left of the gate which indicates Huron Peak. From here you are on a good trail that switchbacks you up to tree line and the alpine basin that sits below the last slope to the summit of Huron. Around 1 hours to get above tree line to the alpine basin. As you enter the basin you have Browns Peak on your left and Huron on your right. Follow the obvious trail through the basin and up the right slopes to the summit of Huron.