Hallett Peak
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Hallett Peak Flattop Mountain Hike Scramble - RMNP Colorado

As of 2022 I became aware that RMNP has a new set of restrictions and fees that one needs to review.


There is a new "timed entry system" from May 27 to October 22, 2022 and the usual park pass requirements etc If you've never been there I would recommend jumping through the new hoops to enter a couple of times. There is lots of other cool mountain exploration in Colorado for the longer time outdoor people.


A nice view of the objective as you enter RMNP

From the road into the Bear Lake trailhead

Bear Lake, very calm and peaceful today August 24, 2011

Head counterclockwise around Bear Lake and in only a couple of minutes you come to the right hand trail for Flattop which leads to Hallett Peak. The next intersection you make a left hand turn to go to Flattop, going straight takes you to Odessa and Fern Lake.

The 1st lookout is called Dream Lake

Dream Lake sign, a good spot for a stop and a snack, just over an hour up the trail.

Finally in the open above the bigger trees and amongst the Krumholtz

Hallet Peak in the distance

The 2nd overlook is called Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake overlook spot and sign

One of the Colorado 14er classics for all scramblers and prominent from almost anywhere in RMNP is Longs Peak!

Nice trail and cool looking clouds

More trail to Flattop, see the semi-permanent snowfield up ahead, pretty low angle and easy to cross in August

Getting closer

A nice view of Hallet Peak from the Flattop Mountain trail

Flattop is really a bit wide open flat area but this trail sign is considered the official summit for Flattop

Heading south from the Tonahutu trial sign towards Hallett Peak. 390 feet and .6 miles to go. The trail is marked by lots of cairns but is a bit easy to lose as you go over quite rocky terrain and the trail can be a bit faint here and there. Just follow the general line of sight in a common sense direction, avoiding the glacier and cliff areas and you should be okay

Getting closer, just a walk up the last bit of slope

Yours truly with Longs Peak over my shoulder

Grand Lake on the west side of RMNP

Otis and Taylor Peaks if you want to keep traversing

Glad I am not on Ypsilon Mountain today!

Heading back across Flattop Mountain with more cool clouds

Another view of Hallett Peak on the way down

More cool cloud cover

More cloud again

The parking lot a long ways away!

Hallett Peak Flattop Mountain Hike Scramble - RMNP Colorado

Scramble: Mostly Class 1, bit of class 2 on slope up Hallett Peak

Altitude: 12,713 ft for Hallett Peak, 12,324 ft for Flattop, Bear Lake Trailhead 9,475 ft

Elevation Gain: 3,238 ft, Round trip 10 miles

Start Time: 6am to 8am to be on your way down by noon and avoid potential lightning storms

Ascent Time: 3 Hours + or -


Once past tree line the views of almost the whole of RMNP are splendid in all directions. Blue skies and big puffy white clouds were kinda cool also.

Getting There

From the Beaver Meadows entrance station itís only like a ľ of a mile and you take a left hand turn onto the Bear Lake Road. Take this winding road for 9 miles to the Bear Lake parking lot. Washrooms here also.


There are 3 major campgrounds on the east side of RMNP if you donít require showers or laundry. Aspenglen (elevation 8,220 ft) 54 sites, Glacier Basin (elevation 8,500 ft) 150 sites and Moraine Park (elevation 8,160 ft) 245 sites. $20/night when the water is on.

The place I recommend is Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Resort (elevation 7,468 ft) which is just over a mile from the Beaver Meadows Entrance Station. Approximately $30/night for a tent site but includes free showers and has laundry facilities. A good base to enter the park easily and also only a couple of miles to the main street of Estes Park.


Estes Park Campground at Maryís Lake and East Portal Reservoir are also possibilities with showers not sure about laundry though.



Route Description

Head counterclockwise around the lake for a couple of minutes and take the trail to the right for Flattop Mountain. From here the rocky trail winds its way ever higher. Make sure you go left at the next junction for Flattop, donít go straight and into the Odessa / Fern Lake area. From that junction you come to the Dream Lake and Emerald Lake lookouts. Good spots to relax a bit and have a snack. Once past the Emerald Lake lookout you are out in the open with nice views all around. The trail winds around a rock outcrop and in the distance you can see the hitching post stop and then a small low angled snowfield just before the flat terrain of Flattop Mountain. The sign for the Tonahutu trail is considered the summit of Flattop. From this sign you head south towards Hallett and pick your way up its rocky slope for another 390 feet.