Ha Ling Peak
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Ha Ling Peak - Canmore/Spray Lakes Road

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Ha Ling Route sign at the start of the trailhead into the trees. Of course if hiking in the winter/spring pay attention to any avalanche warnings and depth of snow pack in the red areas. https://avalanche.ca/map

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Typical trail with sporadic steps built in

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Trail with chain section

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1st Lookout

HL5.jpg (53593 bytes)

2nd Lookout

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View of East End of Rundle

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View of Ha Ling upper slopes

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View of reservoir canal

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1st set of wooden steps

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More trail with sporadic steps built in

HL11.jpg (53593 bytes)

2nd set of wooden steps

HL12.jpg (53593 bytes)

Summit comes into view just past the last set of wooden steps!

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From the col there is a short bit of loose scrambling to the top

HL14.jpg (53593 bytes)

Last bit of loose scrambling to the top

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Winter summit photo November 2023 - photo turned out not so well but you get the idea, microspikes, warm clothing, headlamp, hot drinks

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Looking East at Mt Lawrence Grassi

HL18.jpg (93500 bytes)

Looking West at the East End of Rundle

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Winter descent on the wooden steps November 2023

And now for a better winter summit! December 26, 2009 we had t-shirt weather and no wind!A very rare event in the Canadian Rockies!

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Vicky and Emily wondering about the great weather!

HL19.jpg (105700 bytes)

Vicky in shirtsleeves

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HL21.jpg (102300 bytes)

Vicky enjoying a hot drink

HL22.jpg (105900 bytes)

Emily and Allan

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Vicky and Allan

HL24.jpg (132400 bytes)

Vicky in shirtsleeves

Ha Ling Peak

Scramble: Class 1 – Steep Hiking

Altitude: 2,408m (7,898 ft)

Elevation Gain: approx 810m (2,660 ft) per Alberta Parks but some Garmin watches and websites are quite variable like from 755m to 800m

Ascent Time: 1 3/4 – 2 1/2 Hours

Best Season to Scramble: Mid-May to October


This scramble offers nice views and is great early season training for bigger scrambles later on. If you are coming to the Canadian Rockies for a two-week holiday this is one to test your legs on and get them acclimated with steep hiking.

Getting There

Head west out of Calgary on the TransCanada highway # 1 to Canmore 106km (66.2 miles). From the Bow River Bridge in Canmore drive 8.6 km (5.4 miles) up the Spray Lakes road to the Goat Creek parking lot. The road from the Bow River bridge takes you up past the Canmore Nordic Centre and onto the Spray Lakes road (packed gravel). Just past the Nordic Centre the road turns to dusty gravel and you head uphill for a few kilometers. It levels off at the gap between Ha Ling Peak and the East End of Rundle then goes down a short hill then hang a right into the parking lot. If your base is Banff head east on the TransCanada for 26km (16.2 miles) to Canmore and follow route as above.

Route Description

From the parking lot head straight across the road, up the hill and cross over the canal. At this point you will see a small wooden building. The trailhead starts just behind the building. Once on the trail just head on up. When you reach tree line the trail traverses far over to the right side of the slope then traverses back to the summit. In the old days we used to head straight up from the tree line, definitely a tough workout. The traverse makes it a nicer experience.