Forgetmenot Ridge
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Forgetmenot Ridge to North Point and Old Forgetmenot Mountain - Elbow Falls Bragg Creek Area

View from Highway 66, the prominent point is the North Point of Forgetmenot Ridge

Crossing the Little Elbow River on the Harold Chapman bridge, the Forgetmenot ascent ridge to the east with the North Point poking up just behind it

The journey begins on a blue sky day

Mt Glasgow and its eastern outlier looks nice!

The basic route, steep with minimal small switchbacks here and there, similar to Prairie Mtn in elevation gain but much more sustained steep hiking

Looking back at the crossing of the Elbow River from the Wildhorse Trail. A bit to the right the Elbow flows into the Little Elbow which parallels the highway.

Our right hand turn on to the steep Forgetmenot Ridge trail

Example of the steep trail

More steep trail

Higher up on the ridge a nice view of the south end of Powderface Ridge, the north end is an easier ascent

Nice view of Nihahi Ridge opens up

Banded Peak, Outlaw, Cornwall and Mt. Glasgow to the west

Rocky edge of ridge as we escape the trees

More open ridge

Have to head quite a bit south then loop back to reach the North Point

Things begin to open up, we are looking south with North Point out of sight to the left

Here is the route heading south on a side hill traverse, intersecting the ridge then looping back north on an enjoyable and easy stroll to the North Point of Forgetmenot Ridge

A look at the side hill traverse

Intersecting point of the ridge before looping back north

Allan A. enjoying the stroll to the North Point of Forgetmenot Ridge on the loop back

The initial steep ridge that we came up view from the slope leading to North Point

Yours truly at the North Point of Forgetmenot Ridge.

Banded Peak, Outlaw Peak, Cornwall and Mt. Glasgow

Looking south from the North Point route you can continue on to Old Forgetmenot Mtn and even further past that to Forgetmenot Mtn. I found the hike to the North Point more than enough exercise and the views very nice.

A closer view as we approach Old Forgetmenot Mountain

On Old Forgetmenot heading to the tall cairn on the east point

From the east point cairn we view Forgetmenot Mountain with a fairly significant drop of elevation out of view to the right

Mt Howard a wind swept peak to the north and west

Mt Burns? to the south and west

South Glasgow Creek which Al S. and myself hiked up in order to do Cornwall and Mt. Glasgow. A long ways on that rocky creek bed!

Forgetmenot Ridge to North Point and Old Forgetmenot Mountain

Scramble: Class 1

Altitude: 2,330 m (7,640 ft)

Ascent Time: 2 to 3 hours to the Northern Point of the ridge

Elevation Gain: approx. 730 m (2,400 ft) approx 6km one way to north point

Best Season to Scramble: August to September have to cross the Elbow River as part of the Wildhorse Trail sometimes minimal flow, sometimes up to mid calf and need sandals and towel


Once you gain elevation the views open up nicely with the peaks to the west stretching north and south. Powderface ridge is directly north and Moose Mtn / Prairie Mtn are north and slightly east.

Getting There

From the west side of Calgary take highway 8 to highway 22 then left out to Bragg Creek then from the 4 way stop in Bragg Creek take a left onto highway 22 for approx 3.4km south then take a right onto highway 66 for 29.0 km to Elbow Falls. At the end of highway 66 you make a left hand turn which goes into the Little Elbow campground, if you kept going straight you would be on a gravel road heading north called Powderface trail. They have trailhead parking just before you actually enter the official campground. From the trailhead parking you have to walk west up the road into the campground to cross the Harold Chapman bridge that goes across the Little Elbow river. From the trailhead parking you can see Forgetmenot Ridge to the east and down river a bit.

Route Description

Cross the suspension bridge and head left for a bit, then right and up to an intersection which has a green trail direction sign. Take the Wildhorse trail which heads east, soon you come to the river bed of the Elbow River which you have to cross. Head across and pick up the Wildhorse trail on the other side. Continue for approx another .5 km till you come to a large cairn or more a pile of stones with a trail heading off to the right. This is the steep trail to Forgetmenot ridge.