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I have been listening to a number of Youtube testimonies of people who have come to the end of themselves and in repentance and faith came to the Lord Jesus Christ for the new birth! Some are raw as they have come out of religious systems, some are emotional although having an experience does not mean you have been born again, some are maybe not totally correct on all points but hopefully Christian growth will sort that out.

Raised Catholic to Born Again and Saved by Grace - Jacquelyn Johnson's testimony

I am hoping she goes on to maturity. One thing that concerns me is the Calvinistic church she is associated with in San Antonio. This church is also against the pre-trib view of Bible Prophecy. The protestant side has developed many heresies in these last days and I hope she is not stumbled by this but presses on to following the Lord in truth and not setting truth aside for shallow social fellowship.

A real good set of testimonies by Micah and Matt Wilder as they reveal a lot of their thinking they had in Mormonism and eventually through reading the Bible found the new birth through repentance and faith in that payment made by the Son on the cross.

Not the "burning in the bosom" experience but real personal salvation experience.

From Satan, Idol Worshipper Hong Kong Mafia Boss to Christ - Vision of Heaven and Hell - I know that anyone who has headed a long way down the road of sin sometimes has a long struggle back out of it even after they have been converted to the Lord.