Mt. Fairview
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Mt. Fairview - Lake Louise

You can still take your vehicle to Moraine Lake and the actual lake at Lake Louise but parking is limited in the high season and you must get up the road very early to get one!

New in 2021: Parks Canada is offering daily shuttles from the Lake Louise Park and Ride (6km east of Lake Louise village) to the Lake Louise Lakeshore and Moraine Lake. Available from May 21 October 11, 2021. Shuttles must be reserved ahead of time to guarantee a seat. Walk up seats are not available.


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SB - Saddle Mtn

Lake Louise Hotel upper parking lot West end

Upper parking lot washrooms to the right of the start of the trail

First intersection take a left for Saddleback Pass not Fairview Lookout

Pay attention at this intersection

Shortly thereafter the sign for Saddle Mtn and Saddleback Pass

After 20-25 minutes on the trail the views open up a bit

Take a right here as the trail steepens considerably

After the steep section of trail keep right as this trail takes you up to Saddleback Pass

Everything opens up with Saddle Mountain on the left and Mt Fairview cliffs on the right

A look at the trail heading up to Saddleback Pass

Great scenery comes into view

Saddleback Pass and the trail up the open slopes of Fairview

Looking back at Saddleback Pass from above

Fairly steep trail up the open slopes

Views getting even nicer

Trail higher up

Looking down at the Pass from the upper slopes - some descend here

One of the steeper sections, slope is foreshortened as what you see here is not the top

Now one crests and see the distance yet to go

The summit appears at last, only a few minutes now

Blue sky day but a bit windy

Lake Louise ski hill

The always eye catching Mt Temple!

Lee with Victoria Peak and glacier in the background

Lee caught some interesting light on a trail for the horses near the sign for Saddle Mtn

Mt Fairview

Scramble: Class 1 – Steep Hiking

Altitude: 2,744m (9,000 ft)

Elevation Gain: 1,000m (3,280 ft)

Ascent Time: 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 Hours

Best Season to Scramble: June to September


This scramble offers a great viewpoint for some of the best big mountain scenery in the Rockies and is aptly named. The first two thirds of the route is on a wide well maintained trail.

Getting There

Head west out of Calgary on the TransCanada highway # 1 to the Lake Louise town-site 187km (116.9 miles). If your base is Banff head west on the TransCanada for 56km (35.0 miles) to the Lake Louise town-site. There is only one exit so keep your eye out for it. Go straight through the town-site and up the hill to the Lake Louise hotel parking lot (around 4-km more). Park in the lower or upper parking lot. Washrooms are in the parking lot.

Route Description

You need to access the Saddleback trail either from the boathouse near the lake or through the upper parking lot. From the upper parking lot there is a side trail that intersects with the Saddleback trail. Once on the Saddleback trail it is 3.7km (2.3 miles) to Saddleback Pass between Mt Fairview and Saddle Mtn. At .4 km go straight ahead and do not take the right hand trail to Fairview lookout. At .8km keep right and at 2.4km the trail splits again, keep right, then right again on the trail up to Saddleback Pass. From the Pass head right on the well-worn path as it winds its way up the southeast slopes to the summit.