Eiffel Peak
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Eiffel Peak - Lake Louise Area

Eiffelrte2.jpg (48105 bytes)

Eiffel Peak viewed from Larch Valley

EiffelCol2.jpg (42789 bytes)

Eiffel Peak ridge route as viewed from Larch Valley

Forest fires made it difficult to get a decent picture

Bit of hands on near the top

Eiffel Peak – Lake Louise Area

Scramble: Class 2 – Steep Hiking, Use of hands, Route finding

Altitude: 3,084m (10,116 ft)

Elevation Gain: 1,230m (4,034 ft)

Ascent Time: 2 3/4 – 4 Hours

Best Season to Scramble: Mid-July to Mid-September


This scramble offers an alternative to the Classic Scramble Mt. Temple. It is accessed from Larch Valley also and offers outstanding views of the valley of the Ten Peaks. In the past couple of seasons the whole area has been closed or limited to group sizes of 6 for major portions of the scrambling season. This has been due to bear activity and park impact policy. So check with the Lake Louise information center as to accessibility. As at 2009 the group number has been lowered to 4 but this may change from year to year.

Getting There

Head west out of Calgary on the TransCanada highway # 1 to the Lake Louise town-site 187km (116.9 miles). If your base is Banff head west on the TransCanada for 56km (35.0 miles) to the Lake Louise town-site. There is only one exit so keep your eye out for it. Go straight through the town-site and up the hill; watch for the Moraine Lake turnoff to the left. Drive to the Moraine Lake parking lot (approx. 12km). Washrooms are at the parking lot.

Route Description

From the parking lot walk along the right side of the lake walk past the lodge watching for the Larch Valley trail. Follow this switch-backing trail as it takes you high above Moraine Lake. As the trail levels off in the upper valley it heads around to the right. At this point observe the open slope over to your left where you can access the ridge for Eiffel Peak. See photo also. At this point you need to head left, off trail across the meadow, heading downwards to cross a small creek, then begin to climb the open slope to the ridge above. Once you gain the ridge its time to just follow your nose generally keeping right of centre on the slope. There’s a bit of route finding involved and some use of hands. At the summit you are given magnificent views of the area and a very good view of the scramble route on the upper slopes of Mt. Temple.