Cox Hill
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Cox Hill Hike - Kananaskis Powder Face Trail

Entrance to Dawson Equestrian Campground just off Powderface Trail. The trail for Cox Hill is near the entrance to the campground as indicated by the yellow arrow. Bit of route finding just to get out of the parking area :)

Looking from where you would park out towards the exit

Once you get on the correct trail out of the parking area this is the first trail sign you encounter

Bridge over the creek, only a couple of minutes from the parking area

Second sign just after the bridge, head right here

Typical early trail

And more trail

First overlook area with a bit of a view

I believe the open area way in the distance is Cox Hill

Another open area just minutes before the final open slope to Cox Hill overlook

Adeem at the above mentioned open area

Last bit of trail in the trees before open slope up to the Cox Hill overlook

Finally open slopes, early in the season there is lots of wildflowers here but we hiked in late August so the bloom was off

Switchbacking part up to the open ridge

More switchbacking

Temporary stop on the ridge before heading to the overlook which is just past the trees

Exiting the trees to the fairly expansive overlook

Moose Mountain to the east

Looking south towards Jumping Pound Ridge

Looking southwest

On our way back

With such a rainy summer many different types of mushrooms were popping up along the trail

Cox Hill Hike - Kananaskis Powder Face Trail

Strenuous Hike: Class 1

Altitude: 2,217 m (7,272 ft)

Ascent Time: 2-2 1/2 hours, 4-5 hours return, approx 6.3km one way, 12.7km return, longer trip time if in winter

Elevation Gain: approx. 730 m (2,394 ft)

Best Season to Scramble: June to September, can be hiked year round but be prepared for cold windy weather, might need snow shoes or microspikes, open slope could be prone to avalanche, be careful!

Hikers should be "bear aware" as there are berry patches in the lower trail area, and once in a while the area will have a bear warning and temporary closures. Consider carrying bear spray and keep informed as to any closures.


The overlook has quite good views east, west and south. A worthy hike even if it is 85 percent in the trees until the last slope up onto the ridge

Getting There

Head west out of Calgary on Transcanada # 1 and approx 35km from Canada Olympic Park take the Highway 68 Sibbald Creek Trail  turnoff and head south on Highway 68. After 23.2km take a left onto the Powderface Trail. From here it is 3 kilometres to the Dawson Equestrian Campground (left hand turn off the Powderface Trail). The Cox Hill trail is located near the entrance into the campground.

Route Description

Find the start of the trail near the entrance into the Dawson Equestrian campground, follow the directions on the first trail sign, shortly thereafter you will cross the bridge across the creek, then at the second trail sign head right and you are on the Cox Hill ridge trail. Long time in the trees on a good trail all the way to the open slope below Cox Ridge. As you gain the ridge there is a significant cairn to the left but head right or south on a trail that goes through a fairly big patch of trees to the overlook.