Corona Deception
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Corona Medical Crisis - Deception Leading to Global Tyranny?

There are certain things we know for sure about the End Times. There will be an event that ends the Church Age of Grace called the "Harpazo" or the "Rapture" where God calls His ambassadors home and begins a 7 year tribulation or judgement on the earth. The event that starts the countdown will be the confirmation or strengthening of a 7 year peace treaty between Israel and the many. The world leader in place known in the scripture as the "Anti-Christ" or a substitute for the real Jesus Christ will be the one to confirm the treaty. There is also an event described at the mid point of the 7 years where this leader issues a spiritual and economic "mandate". You can read the decree of this mandate in Revelation chapter 13 v 16-18. Basically the mandate states that you must pledge allegiance to this leader and receive a "mark" on your right hand or forehead in order to be able to "buy or sell". Refusal to comply will result in your exclusion from society and being put to death!

This is where I cannot be dogmatic but it appears there is currently developing two tracks (corona crisis / climate change) leading to events of the 7 year tribulation. Are these two tracks leading to this Leader and Globalism? I believe they are. Satan has made previous attempts to unite mankind in a Global Government but God overruled it. The most infamous one was at the Tower of Babel in Genesis chapter 10 v 8-10 and chapter 11 v 1-9. Here a leader named "Nimrod" conspired against God's command to spread out over the earth and instead tried to unite the people in one place with a global government. One meaning for the name "Nimrod" is the "stubborn self willed one".

You see Jesus loves and has decreed "Nations". Satan desires and loves "Globalism".

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