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Chapter 1

The Creation Model and the Flood

Introduction to the Creation/Evolution Issue

When approaching the study of origins one must take some time to think about what drives the creation/evolution issue. The creation side states that there was a creator/designer who has given an eyewitness account of beginnings in the book of Genesis. The evolution side arbitrarily excludes a creator/designer and proposes that time, chance, and natural processes explain the universe we see today. The common denominator is that both sides have only the present physical world from which to draw conclusions about the past. In other words both sides have the same rocks, fossils and physical processes to evaluate.

How does a creation scientist and an evolutionary scientist look at the same physical data and yet come to entirely different conclusions? The answer lies in the bias and the model being used to interpret the present world and how it originated. Can one really "scientifically" prove how everything came into being? Who was there to witness the beginning? The evolutionist was not there at the beginning! Nor can the scientific method be conclusively applied to a non-reproducible event in the past. Yet the evolutionist now has begun to state that evolution is proven fact!

But all that can really be done is to apply scientific techniques to physical data in the present and postulate how things may have got here. This leaves the evolutionist in precisely the same boat as the creationist. They both can develop a model of the past but neither can by any strict scientific method prove that evolution or creation is true.

Herein lies a major problem of misinformation. The evolutionist, scientific press, and the media have been touting evolution as scientific and creation as religious. This misrepresents the issue in people's minds. The only difference between evolution and creation is whether you have a creator in your belief system or not. They are competing belief systems which must be accepted by faith. However it is not a blind faith but a reasoned faith which compares the evidence in the present to the model for the past. The model which best explains the evidence with the least amount of secondary assumptions provides a basis to judge which model is true. The issue of origins is more one of detective work using the best available methods to examine and analyze the current data. From there one can draw some rational conclusions.

The Creation Model from Genesis 1-11

The book of Genesis claims to be an eyewitness account of origins and the early part of earth history as given by God. As part of any investigative case a good detective would want to examine the viability of any eyewitness account. We live in a world where the creation model is suppressed or labeled religious. I believe that you will have never heard much of this material before. However in my opinion it offers a far superior explanation of the present when it is properly understood.

In the creation model I do not intend to give a detailed account of everything in the first 11 chapters of Genesis. I will highlight the main features of the model. Numerous books giving greater detail are available from creation publishers.

The Canopy and the Physical Environment

Genesis 1 v 1-4, 6-10 reads,

Verse 1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Verse 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Verse 3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Verse 6 And God said, Let there be a firmament (atmosphere) in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters (water on the earth) from the waters (canopy around the earth).

Verse 7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

Verse 8 And God called the firmament Heaven (atmospheric heaven around the earth). And the evening and the morning were the second day.

Verse 9 And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

Verse 10 And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good (perfect).

Genesis 2 v 5,6 reads,

Verse 5 ...for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth ...

Verse 6 But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.

In verse one God creates the dimension of space and begins what we know as the time continuum. The word heaven does not mean stars for they are placed in the heavens on the fourth day in Genesis 1 v 16-20. Therefore we understand heaven as referring to the space-time continuum. The word "earth" does not mean planet earth or dirt but unorganized matter. In verse one we have the beginning of space, time and matter. In verse two it says that earth (matter) had not been put into meaningful form yet. It had not been energized yet. In verse three, the electromagnetic spectrum which includes both visible and invisible light energizes matter. With matter and the electromagnetic spectrum we have the creation of atomic structure which leads to the elements. God has the building blocks ready for the creation process to begin.

As the earth is designed and created Genesis 1 v 6,7 gives an important piece to the creation model. For now God creates a firmament around the earth. It describes a protective canopy being placed around the earth to provide a greenhouse effect as well as protection from harmful rays such as ultraviolet. Creation scientists' Carl Baugh and Walter Brown have presented information (see links below) that the canopy was a clear solid crystalline hydrogen/water composite. It was located approximately 11 miles above the earth where the temperatures would be around minus 130 to 180 fahrenheit. It was held up by a much stronger magnetic field than the earth currently has. Thomas Barnes has prepared a technical paper called the "Origin and Destiny of the Earth's Magnetic Field". In his paper he documents the magnetic field's decay rate of recent history. Extrapolating back he found the earth's magnetic field would have been around seven times stronger. Studies have shown that under cryogenic (supercold) conditions and the right strength of magnetic field, superconductive materials will levitate in the field. Scientists have found that when water is compressed under supercold conditions the hydrogen acts like a metal. It becomes superconductive and ferromagnetic. The creation model proposed by Carl Baugh is a solid crystalline ice canopy along with compressed hydrogen within. The stronger magnetic field and the superconductivity of the hydrogen would have suspended it like a bubble around the earth. (Consensus amongst Creation scientists varies as to what the original canopy was like since it was destroyed by Noah's flood but God who was an eyewitness states there was a canopy)

With a solid clear canopy holding in the earth's atmosphere you would also have higher atmospheric pressure. The higher pressure would be conducive to the gigantism of life forms we find in the fossil record. The hyperbaric medical chamber used by sports teams to promote healing of injuries is applying part of the pre-flood technology. They use higher pressure and a higher percentage of oxygen in the chamber. The Jewish historian Flavius Josephus (37-100 A.D.) mentions this solid crystalline canopy in Book 1, Chapter 1, Loeb 30 of his history of the Jews. The Jewish people preserved the book of Genesis and provide historical support for the canopy in the pre-flood world.

In Genesis 1 v 9,10 it reads that the land was one large mass. Genesis 2 v 5,6 reads that there was no rainfall in the pre-flood world but that a mist coming up from the fountains of the deep watered the whole face of the earth. The canopy moderated temperatures and climate from pole to pole. The four seasons we now have would not have existed in such an environment. The four seasons are only found mentioned in Biblical history after the flood.

Moving through the six days of creation we need to consider the time involved. The proper interpretation of the Hebrew means literal 24 hour days. Any time the Hebrew word for day ie. "yom" is used with a numeric and bound by evening and morning it always refers to a literal 24 hour day. Exodus 20 v 11 says "For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it." The obvious inference is that the heavens and the earth are young, according to Bible chronology approximately 6,000 years. There is a tremendous disparity between this chronology and evolutionary chronology. We will examine the age issue in chapter three.

The creation model makes two inferences from the creation of living things in the first six days. First God created species perfect genetically. And second, the original creation was meant to last forever, there was no death, aging or wearing down of the physical environment. Into this scene God placed Adam and Eve, genetically perfect, physically mature, and highly developed mentally. In Genesis 2 v 19,20 Adam is able to give a name to every beast of the field and every fowl of the air. The creation account of the first humans is quite the opposite of the evolutionist's apes to caveman scenario.

The Fall of Lucifer

In the book of Job 38 v 7 all the angels shouted for joy as they marveled at the newly created heavens and earth. At this point in time all the angels were in proper submission to God. Ezekiel 28 v 12-19 records Lucifer's beauty and wisdom. Verse 13 describes tabrets (drums) and pipes as part of Lucifer's being. From this it is believed that Lucifer was the leader of music and worship in heaven. Isaiah 14 v 12-16 record Lucifer's (Satan's) rebellion against God. In these verses you have the five "I will's" of Lucifer. He withdrew his submission to God and broke his relationship taking one third of the angels with him. Lucifer was the first created being who disobeyed God and asserted his self-will over God's will.

Lucifer's goal is to be like the most high. Lucifer wants submission, recognition, worship and a throne in direct opposition to God's will. This was the beginning of the long war against God. How much time elapsed between Lucifer shouting for joy with all the other angels in Job 38 v 7 and his fall? His rebellion must have been very rapid because Adam and Eve had not even had their first child. This rebellion against God had already occurred by the time we find Satan (Lucifer) in the garden tempting Adam and Eve to disobey and also break their relationship with God.

The Fall of Mankind

We now address what is commonly known as the fall of man. God had created Adam and Eve with a free will. They could choose to obey or disobey God. God did not create them as robots programmed to obey God blindly. He created man with an ability to chose good and evil. He created man with an eternal soul which cannot die. At this point Adam and Eve were in a relationship with God. They were clothed in what is known as the "shekinah" glory of God. Because their relationship with God was intact their lack of physical clothing was not a barrier to proper human relationships.

In Genesis 2 v 16,17 God had commanded that they could eat of every tree in the garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. For in the day they eat thereof they would surely die. Genesis 3 v 1-7 describes the seduction of the fallen angel Satan. Satan enters the scene with a subtle approach. First he questions Gods authority; "Yea, hath God really said you cannot eat of this tree? Ye shall not surely die!" From this lie he impinges God's character by saying that God is holding out on Eve. If you take the fruit it will make you just like God and of course you know how wise God is. Satan next moves Eve towards the visual and points to how desirable the fruit looks. By its appearance it couldn't be bad for you! From here its all downhill as both Eve and Adam disobey and the birth of the self-willed person not in subjection to God's will begins.

It is important to recognize a number of changes entered God's creation when Adam and Eve sinned. Death for the first time entered the creation as the penalty for sin. The decay of the physical universe and the aging process of living things began. This is supported in scientific principles by the second law of thermodynamics. In other words, the physical universe began to wear down. Up until this time the creation was perfect and would have been sustained forever. And so begins the downward decline of the living and non-living world in direct opposition to the evolutionists alleged upward incline. Another important thing also resulted in Adam and Eve's disobedience Their spiritual relationship with God was broken and God's "shekinah" glory was removed as a covering. When this happened they recognized their nakedness and tried to cover up. God's response was to kill some animals and use the skins to cover Adam and Eve. He also told Adam and Eve that one of their descendants would provide a way to be restored in their relationship to God.

Man's Loss of Dominion

In the beginning God had established a landlord/tenant relationship with Adam and Eve. In Genesis 1 v 28 God gave them dominion over the earth. It was not ownership for God created and owns everything. However we find that when Adam and Eve disobeyed they lost their tenant relationship to Satan. In Matthew 4 v 8,9 the devil (Satan) took Jesus up a high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and offered to give them to him if Jesus would worship him. Notice that Jesus did not dispute Satan's claim but instead said "You shall worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only". In 1 John 5 v 19 it states that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one. A change in tenancy occurred when man fell. Satan gained the legal tenancy. Let us now return back to the subsequent events in the physical realm. This tenancy I am not dogmatic about.

Man's Moral and Physical Decline

One of the first things the Bible mentions is the rapid decline in moral behavior. The broken relationship with God brought a rapid moral darkness. Adam and Eve's first son Cain killed his brother Abel. Why did Cain kill Abel? It was because Cain tried to approach God based on his own works (the fruit of his crops). Abel approached God with a blood sacrifice recognizing his sin and the need for a Messiah (Savior). Cain represents the birth of false religion seeking to approach God by human merit.

In the time leading up to the flood (Genesis 6 v 1-13) we read about rapid population growth, every man's corrupted mental state and violence filling the earth. Genesis chapter 5 to chapter 6 v 3 gives a genealogy from Adam to Noah and the flood of 1,656 years after creation or circa 2,344 B.C.. A number of interesting things can be noted here. The life spans prior to the flood were much greater compared to the seventy odd years we have now. This indicates that the degeneration of the environment and the genetic pool was much slower in the pre-flood world. The canopy protecting the earth was still intact as well as the plant growth system (great fountains of the deep) God had designed. The genetic pool and physical bodies that Adam and Eve had were still relatively uncontaminated. Man was living to be 900+ years. Man at this time married brother and sister. Marrying close relations did not have a genetic risk as yet. We find God prohibiting close marriages after the flood due to the degeneration of the genetic pool.

The Flood Meltdown

Let's now take a look at the flood events as described in Genesis 7 v 11 to Genesis 8 v 5. In Genesis 7 v 11 we have a statement that all the fountains of the great deep were broken up. The implications of this verse are enormous when properly understood. First of all the creation model has the interior of the earth designed from the surface right to the core. This is quite the opposite of the evolutionist's idea of the earth being a molten ball cooling down over millions of years. God had designed the interior of the earth with a solid central core and a strong magnetic field. Radioactive and moderating elements in balance gently heated the surface of the earth. An interior swaddling band of asphaltine material existed with large amounts of oil in pristine form. A great amount of water semi-sealed within the earth was supportive to the plant growth system. Combined with a solid clear crystalline hydrogen/water canopy sustained by a strong magnetic field the earth provided ideal conditions for life to flourish to its genetic potential. We will see later how the fossil evidence supports this.

The creation model has the interior of the earth designed with a nuclear furnace inside intended to last forever. The physical evidence shows that radioactive materials have been expunged from the interior of the earth into the sediments on the surface. This is also consistent with God's declaration in Genesis 1 v 31 which says that everything was originally created perfect. Radioactive material would not have been near or exposed on the surface at this time due to the poisoning effect it would have had on the environment. A couple of other points should be mentioned here. It is logical that the pre-flood ocean held a lot less water and the topography of the land mass had much lower mountains than the ones we see today. The water sealed beneath the earth and the water in the canopy were the main sources of flood waters at that time.

Now we can see more clearly the implications of the statement in Genesis 7 v 11 "the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven (canopy) were opened." When you think about it, an internal meltdown of the earth happened! Psalm 46 v 6 describes God initiating this sad moment in history. It says "The heathen raged, the kingdoms were moved: he uttered his voice, the earth melted." From this moment on a chain reaction of events are unfolding. First began the tremendous pressure and heat buildup within the earth. As the pressure increased extensive ripping apart of the earth's crust occurs. Superheated water within the earth is blown up on the surface. Extensive volcanism takes place with enormous amounts of gas, rocks and dust blown into the atmosphere. The volcanoes are so big that large holes are blown through the solid canopy. This and the rapid deterioration of the magnetic field cause the canopy to collapse and rain down for forty days and nights. In addition tremendous amounts of molten material pour out onto the surface.

In Genesis 7 v 20 it states that every mountain on earth was covered. In Genesis 7 v 24 it says that the waters continued to rise for 150 days and began to abate in Genesis 8 v 2,3. The obvious question at this point is what caused the waters to abate off the earth into the ocean basins. Psalm 104 v 6-9 states that tectonic adjustments (crustal movements) were happening in order to bring the earth back into some sort of equilibrium. From the verses indicated it says that the ocean basins sank and the mountains rose allowing the water to flow off the land into the deeper ocean basins. Modern mapping of the ocean basins reveal major riffs and trenches that are much deeper than Mt. Everest is tall. This supports our premise that due to water sealed beneath the earth by design and stable crustal features that the pre-flood world had shallower seas and lower mountains.

Because of the runoff of the water from the continents there would be unusual features such as underfit rivers. These are rivers that appear to have carried tremendous quantities of water in the past but only carry a relatively small amount now. There would also be isolated lakes of water which would slowly evaporate leaving raised shorelines. Lake Bonneyville in Utah is such an example. There would be some bodies of water captured temporarily but the breaching of soft sediments would allow tremendous runoff with great erosional capabilities. The Grand Canyon is thought to be an example of this. There would also be sediment buried lakes and river channels that existed in the pre-flood world. These are all logical and expected features as the ocean basins sank and the continents rose.

Another intriguing feature is the makeup of our current mountain ranges excluding extinct volcano mountains of course. They are virtually all made up of water laid sedimentary rock bearing fossil remains. Mountaineers high up in the Himalayas have been mystified to find fossils near the tops. Consider also the folded and contorted layers in these mountain ranges which have now solidified into rock. You can look at these layers and clearly see that they were uplifted while soft. If they had been uplifted while solidified they would have been broken up without continuous layers. The flood would have laid down vast layers of fossil laden sediments. These would have been subsequently uplifted during the tectonic adjustment stage as the waters descended into the deeper ocean basins.

Post Flood Adjustments

Let's now consider the post flood adjustments which would follow in our model. The internal meltdown caused significant environmental changes and imbalances. Immediately after the flood you are facing major equilibrium adjustments. First the earth has lost its protective canopy which originally gave consistent weather pole to pole. Secondly, you would have superheated oceans due to the internal meltdown of the earth which reached all the way to the crustal rocks. As far as the land surface it would have been a mud slick slowly drying off. From these changes you would have tremendous extremes of weather as the earth moved towards a stable state. As the oceans gave off their heat and clouds of moisture moved over the land masses there would have been continuous snowfall for perhaps hundreds of years creating extensive snowfields and glaciers. In the extreme north and south the weather would have been an instant deep freeze. Only when the four seasons were fully established would recession of glaciers and the snowpack begin. Although the evolutionists like to postulate numerous ice ages they have no real adequate mechanisms to explain their occurrence. However the creation model's post flood adjustments provide a logical and reasonable basis for understanding the polar regions.

The fossils they find in the northern Arctic show evidence of death due to very unusual circumstances. From Siberia to Alaska they have found mammoths, camels, sheep, bisons, horses, lions and sabertooth tigers frozen in the ice and mud with their stomach contents still intact. They are found in tangled masses, many torn apart, interspersed with uprooted trees and other vegetation. From their very apparent drowning in water laden sediments they were instantly frozen. The pre-flood canopy model to the post flood adjustment stages account for the physical evidence quite easily. The flood with the collapse of the canopy would account for rapid drowning then rapid freezing due to extreme climatic change.

The gigantism found in the fossil record is another unusual phenomenon best explained by the canopied pre-flood world. The fossil record shows the hornless rhinoceros being over 17 feet tall.

Dragonflies have been found with a nearly 3 foot wingspan.

Crocodiles grew to great size compared to our modern version.

Beavers also exhibited gigantism.

Turtles grew to great size in the pristine pre-flood world with perfect genetics and growing conditions.

Gigantic cockroaches which were a foot wide. Dinosaurs which had an estimated live weight of up to 75 tons. The fossil record shows a corresponding gigantism in plant life to feed the animal kingdom. Horsetail reeds over 50 feet tall compared to 5 feet today. Fern type plants over 50 feet tall compared to small bushlike ferns today. The evolutionary theory of the earth being a molten ball cooling down over millions of years has no adequate mechanism to explain the gigantism of the past. Nor does it have a explanation for the change to the present condition of living things. The fossil record shows superior living animals and plants in terms of size and expression of genetic potential. The current animal and plant kingdoms show a comparative decline of genetic potential. This is in the opposite direction of evolution's supposed upward trend.


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