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Timeline from Creation to Israel's Split as a Nation

Perfect design & creation of the heavens and the canopied earth Noah's Flood Internal Meltdown Canopy Collapse Volcanism Earthquakes Tectonic Adjustments God calls Abram to Canaan (Palestine) Jacob (Israel) & his 12 sons enter Egypt for 430 yrs ending in slavery Moses leads Israel out of Egypt 2-3 million Israelites Israel enters Canaan after 40 years in the wilderness Reign of King David 1st Temple Built during Reign of Solomon Nation of Israel Splits Politically & Spiritually Northern (10 tribes) Southern (2 tribes)
Circa 4000 BC   Year Zero Circa 2344 Year 1656 Circa 2086 BC Circa 1871 BC Circa 1441 BC Circa 1401 BC Circa 1004 BC Circa 965 BC Circa 926 Year 3074

Dominant Gentile World Kingdoms till the Messiah sets up his 1,000 Year Kingdom

World Empires of Biblical Lands   824-625BC Assyria 612-539BC Babylon   539-331BC Medo-Persia   331-163BC Greece 163-476AD Rome
60 ft Statue Daniel 2v27-45 Head of Gold   Silver Arms, Chest   Bronze Belly/Thigh Iron Legs 10Toe/Horn
4 Beasts Daniel ch 7 Lion, Monarchy   Bear, Dual Rulers   Leopard, Four Rulers Beast, Democracy

Israel's Split as a Nation to the Crucifixion of Christ

Nation of Israel Splits Politically & Spiritually Northern (10 tribes) & Southern (2 tribes) Era of Good & Bad Kings & Idolatry for the North & South Kingdoms  

In 721 BC Assyria Captures the Northern Kingdom & exiles the 10 tribes

2 Kings 17 v 1-6

605-586BC Babylon Captures Judah (Southern) & Razes Jerusalem   2Chron 36 v 5-20 God promises that Judah will return to the land in 70 years  


Judah returns from exile after 70 years Ezra 1 v 1-3

Book of Daniel written






Second Temple Built by Ezra

Artaxerxes of Persia gives decree to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem begins Daniel's 70 wks of years Daniel 9 v 25 & Nehemiah 2 v 1-8 69 Weeks of Years pass from this decree to the cross of Christ 69 wks x 7 yrs x 360 days equals 173,880 days  


Daniel 9v25,26 until Messiah the Prince presented (palm Sunday) then crucified

Circa 926 BC    721 BC 605 BC 536 BC 516 BC March 14, 445 BC   April 6, 32AD

From the Cross to the Rapture




Daniel 9v 25,26 until Messiah the Prince presented (palm sunday) then crucified

Fig Tree (Israel) cut off Luke 13v6-9, Daniel 9v26, Luke 21v24, Deuteronomy 28v64-68, Hosea 3v4,5, Romans destroy Jerusalem & the 2nd Temple  




Church Age



Nation of Israel Reborn, Luke 21v29-32, Ezekiel 37 v 1,2,11-13,21-28, Jeremiah 30v3,7,9,11,24, Isaiah 11v11,12, Ezekiel 38v8, Joel 3v1,2




Preparation for Luke 21v24 & Romans 11v25-27, Israel regains Jerusalem


Rapture (removal) of true Christians from earth to heaven by Jesus Christ, John 14v1-3, 1Corinthians 15v51,52, Rev 4v1,4-6 & 5v8-10, (see Luke 22v30, Matt 19v28), 1Thessalonians 4v13-18, 2Thessalonians 2v1-9, Rev 3v10, Matt 24v36-41, Titus 2v11-13, 1John 2v28




European Anti-Christ signs Middle East Peace Pact with Israel, Daniel 9v27 & Rev 6v1,2

April 6, 32AD 70 AD Nearly 2,000 yrs May 14, 1948 June 6, 1967 Parallels - Noah's Flood, Enoch, Lot-Sodom&Gomorrah 7Yr Peace Treaty

Important Players in the Last Generation

Army from the Extreme North (Russia, Ethiopia, Iran, Libya, etc) Ezekiel ch 38,39, Joel 2v20, Kings of the East (200million man army) Rev 16v12, Rev 9v14-16, Revived Roman Empire (European Union) Daniel 7v23-27, Rev 17v3,9-13 Parable of the Fig Tree (Israel Reborn) and all the Trees (Russia, China, European Union, etc) Luke 21v29-32 states that the generation to witness Israel reborn would be the last one

The 7 Year Tribulation and the Millenniel Kingdom

Middle East Peace Pact begins the 70th week of Daniel or 7 yr Tribulation signed shortly after the Rapture 7 Yrs covers Rev chapters 6-19

First 3 1/2 Years 2 witnesses prophesy in Jerusalem about Jesus the coming Messiah, Rev 11v3-13



Anti-Christ desecrates rebuilt Jewish Temple, Daniel 9v27, Matt 24v15,21, 2Thessalonians 2v1-4

Last 3 1/2 Yrs Satan indwells Anti-Christ to persecute Israel & Tribulation Believers , Mark of the Beast instituted that no man may buy or sell, Rev 12v12-14, Rev ch 13, Rev 13v11-18 Messiah (Jesus) & Bride (Church) return from heaven to judge the nations, Satan bound 1,000 yrs, Rev 19v11-21, Zechariah 14v1-5, Matt 24v29,30, Rev 20v1-3  

Jesus and the Church reigns over mortal believers during the millennium




Satan loosed briefly last rebellion destroyed by fire, Rev 20v7-9



Great White Throne Resurrection only for unbelievers, All cast into the Lake of Fire, Rev 20v10-15

7 Yr Peace Treaty 1st 3 1/2 Yrs (1,260 days) Mid-point of 7 Yrs 2nd 3 1/2 Yrs (42 months) End of 7 Yrs 1,000 yr Millennium End of Millennium Eternal State begins