Audio Messages
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Greetings, welcome to my audio message section. Listen online or download to listen offline later.

All files are in WMA format. This is the proprietary format for Windows Media Player.

If you would like to download the file, just right-click with your mouse and select save to location that you select.

Introductory Series - May 2006

Part 1 - God's Revelation and the Creation Worldview Versus Evolutionary Humanist Worldview - File Size 10MB - Time 1hr 20min

Part 2 - God as He Reveals Himself in the Scriptures- File Size 5.5MB - Time 47min

Part 3 - The Messiah Removes the Barriers Between God and Man - File Size 7.3MB - Time 1hr

Part 4 - How to Experience Reconciliation with God - What is it? How does it happen? - File size 4.6MB - Time 40min


Sanctification or How to Walk With God Series - June 2006

Part 1 of 7 - Romans Chapter 6 Our Freedom Manifesto - File Size 3.3 MB - Time 28min

Part 2 of 7 - Galatians Chapter 5  - The Fruit of the Flesh vs The Fruit of the Spirit - File Size 6.4 MB - Time 54min

Part 3 of 7 - The Devil and the Battle for the Mind - File Size 5.2 MB - Time 43min

Part 4 of 7 - Putting on the Armor of God - File Size 6.3 MB - Time 53min

Part 5 of 7 - Discerning the Will of God - File Size 5.5 MB - Time 47min

Part 6 of 7 - Spiritual Growth Through Trials and Temptations - File Size 5.9 MB - Time 50min

Part 7 of 7 - Spiritual Deception - Testing the Spirits - File Size 9.2 MB - Time 1 hr 18min


Coming Soon - Bible Prophecy Series