Mt. Andromache
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Mt. Andromache - Bow Summit Lake Louise Area

Andromache Road.jpg (32848 bytes)

View from the Icefield Parkway just north. You go up the valley between Andromache and Little Hector to Hector Pass then back on the ridge towards the Parkway to the summit.

Take a left up the right side of the creek

Approaching the 1st and 2nd waterfalls

The trail crosses the creek to the left side just before the 1st waterfall. This allows you to go around the 1st waterfall as the yellow arrow shows

Easier route goes along the rock face to the 2nd waterfall. Trail is a bit overgrown as many now take the harder option.

After the ascending traverse along the rock wall one can just step over the 2nd waterfall

The upper valley just past the waterfalls. One wants to head to Hector Pass for Andromache.

Closer look at route up to Hector Pass

Andromache Ridge.jpg (65498 bytes)

HP - Hector Pass    R - Ridge access

View is from the top of Unnamed Peak with two ridge steps which are foreshortened.

View from the top of Little Hector

View of ridge access for Andromache from the top of Little Hector

Andromache Sum Al.jpg (54918 bytes)

Andromache summit with the heavily glaciated north face of Mt. Hector in the background.

Mt. Andromache

Scramble: Class 1 and 2 – Steep Hiking, Some Use of Hands, Care on Upper Waterfall Ledges Required

Altitude: 2,996m (9,827 ft)

Elevation Gain: 1,140m (3,739 ft)

Ascent Time: 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 Hours

Best Season to Scramble: July to September


This scramble offers a great view of glacier clad Mount Hector to the south and to the West and North, Hector Lake, Bow Lake and the Icefields in between.

Getting There

Head west out of Calgary on the TransCanada highway # 1, just a few kms past Lake Louise (187km/116.9mi) take the Icefields Parkway north for around 20km. If your base is Banff head west on the TransCanada to Lake Louise 56km (35.0 miles) and just past Lake Louise take the Icefields Parkway north for around 20km. The parking spot is opposite the valley between Andromache and Mount Hector and is on the left side (West) of the highway. A small cairn and footpath on the road hillside (East side of highway) should be there.

Route Description

Take this footpath and shortly you come to a creek bed with a broader trail heading off to the right. Don’t head right, but go left up the creek bed on the creek bed’s right hand side. Get it! Lol! The trail along the creek bed crosses over to the left side just below cliff bands with lower and upper waterfalls. You get through into the upper valley by climbing up the left side of the waterfall and along ledges actually stepping across the upper waterfall to the right side. Be careful if it’s still icy here. Allow around 40 minutes to the upper waterfall.

From this valley keep left of center, and work you way up valley until the cliff bands on your left peeter out. It’s best to go all the way to the end of the valley before you start up the slope. See the point indicated on my valley photo. Save your legs by staying more to the center of the valley rather than traversing hillsides too soon. Once you have accessed the upper ridge take a break and enjoy the view of Mount Hector and its lower outlier called Little Hector. From here the view is foreshortened and you have two steps of steep slope to reach "Unnamed Peak". From Unnamed Peak you can see the summit of Andromache and the Molar Glacier abutting the north side. It’s only another 30 minutes from Unnamed, keep on the scree, avoiding Molar Glacier. Return the same way or if conditions allow you can traverse the summit ridge of Andromache to the North-west and then down open slopes to the highway below coming out 2km north of your parking spot. I have not done the traverse so proceed at your own judgement and risk. My comments and rating apply to returning the same way.