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Welcome to Sherlock’s Newsletter

The purpose of this page is to logically think through what public education, the media, Hollywood, and TV has to offer with regards to origins. It seeks to point out the concealed assumptions in evolutionary propaganda (oops my bias is showing). It must be pointed out that everyone has a bias when it comes to origins. Anyone who says he does not have a bias on this issue is just not telling the truth!

There seems to be some strange power that suspends faculties of logic and reason, and increases the capacity for gullibility when dealing with origins. It must be recognized that the alternative to evolutionary origins is creation by a personal God. Some people actively or through self deception, or indifference just don’t want to face the latter option. The thought that one may have to stand before Jesus Christ at the end of one’s journey is not a comforting one. But what if this is really true? Is it not better to face this head on and deal with it or should one just hope for the best and try and muddle through life here?

We are now living in a world where we are inundated by "experts". The explosion of knowledge in this century has raised up experts everywhere. Now the problem is, that among the good and helpful experts, we have those who may be absolutely wrong in their area of expertise. Origins and the study of human behavior are two areas which are prone to vain paths of efforts if the foundations of your theory are erroneous. Did we evolve by time, chance and random processes or are we a unique amazing creation of God. Are we basically good or are we marred by what scripture calls the power of sin. With the right foundation you will find the truth, with the wrong foundation you will forever be searching endless rabbit trails of futility.

We now live in a world, which has a media which is so biased that certain views are actively censored. This is especially true with regards to creationist views as well as anything to do with true Christianity. Oh yes, the media will bring on a religious person who claims to represent real Christianity but they more than likely have chopped up the word of God so as not to offend anyone and present such a lame caricature of real Christianity it should be spewed out of one’s mouth.

Our penchant for believing experts and the media no matter what the subject is astounding. One person has said that some ideas are so preposterous (i.e. evolution) that only an "expert" could believe in them! Seeing, if you want, past the agenda’s, bias, concealed assumptions, illogical conclusions, and discerning the truth requires a more investigative approach. Everybody disseminating information (including yours truly) has a worldview that greatly affects their conclusions and choices in life. If your worldview is wrong then your words and actions will be like the blind leading the blind into the ditches of life.

It is a great tragedy that the public school systems of North America are brainwashing the children with atheistic evolutionism. Of course its not just educators who are at fault but many parents who have abdicated responsibility for raising up their children in the way that they should go. They just give them to the experts. We now have an educational system which actively leads vulnerable children away from seeking a restored relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Instead it actively promotes behavior which strengthens the power of sin in children’s lives. This is the same anti-God philosophy that Communist nations used to brainwash their populations. Everyone has seen the tragic results and destruction within those nations who attempted to throw God out. The breakup of the public education monopoly in North America should be done quickly to give all worldviews their rightful share of taxpayer dollars.

I say these things not to promote bad religion or limit good science but to free up the education dollars that are currently being monopolized by one worldview, which I believe, is sharply at odds with true reality. And also to let educators and scientists follow their consciences without having to parrot the party line of "atheistic secular humanistic evolutionism" in order to keep their jobs.

All my thoughts expressed here and in this web site are due to God’s kind grace, spiritual sight and hopefully are true to His word. If any are not or do not correctly represent the God of the Bible then I take credit for those.

Triceratops Horn Yields Fresh Unfossilized Stretchy Bone Tissue

Microscopy expert Mark H. Armitage M.S, Ed.S., in May 2012 discovered a Triceratops horn in the Hell Creek formation in Montana. Upon examining sections of the horn it was found layers that were fresh and stretchy and not requiring decalcification. In other wards more fresh dinosaur tissue which calls into question the age of the dinosaurs same as Mary Schweitzers' fresh T-Rex tissue per my write up farther down the Sherlock page!

Photos below are from Mark's expert and rigorous microscopy analysis of the Triceratops horn.

Horn was found a couple feet below ground in a sandstone formation with no special preservation features – was exposed to water, freezing and thawing, mud, plants, bacteria, environmental radiation

Fresh soft and stretchy dinosaur tissue which did not require decalcification

Fresh soft and stretchy dinosaur tissue which did not require decalcification

Forceps show pliability of the Triceratops horn tissue

Interior of Triceratops horn showing fresh blood vessels after decalcification

Fresh unfossilized Triceratops horn osteocyte cell

Incredibly detailed and still intact unfossilized Triceratops horn osteocyte cell

Mark H. Armitage, M.S., Ed.S. had started his own non-profit organization to bring to light more examples of dinosaur soft tissue around the globe.

Mark has setup an run a number of electron microscopy labs and his micrographs have appeared in many scientific journals. - Dinosaur Soft Tissue Research Institute

Fresh Fossil Jurassic Squid Ink That You Can Still Write With Claimed to be 150 Million Years Old!

Nothing like demolishing your own dating system through examining fossils! So as if the fresh dinosaur tissue below isn't enough to abandon a theory, now we are able to write with squid ink that is allegedly 150 million years old! Hello, can we follow the evidence to where it really leads?

Fresh Jurassic Squid Ink

by Brian Thomas, M.S. *

Over the past decade or so, scientific research has revealed surprisingly young-looking features in fossils and other artifacts dated in the millions of years. The discoveries include blood vessels in T. rex,(1) and hadrosaur fossil femurs,(2) mummified dinosaur stomach contents,(3) mummified dinosaur skin,(4) live cells from amber deposits,(5) fresh cellulose fibers in supposedly 250 million-year old salt deposits,(6) DNA molecules from Neanderthal skeletons,(7) and fossil feathers with clearly visible stripes.(8)

Now "150 million-year–old" squid ink, which was so fresh that scientists used it to write with, adds further doubt in deep time.

A one-inch-long squid ink sac, still black, was discovered when UK paleontologists cracked open a rock in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. After mixing its contents with some liquid ammonia, the scientists were able to draw on paper a picture of the extinct squid using its own ink.

Other similarly preserved creatures were discovered nearby. Excavation leader Dr. Phil Wilby stated that "throughout the world there are perhaps a few dozen examples of soft parts being preserved, but this is really special. I can dissect them as if they are living animals. You can even tell whether it was a fast or slow swimmer, by looking at all the muscle fibres."(9)

It is as though fossils from around the world and from strata at various depths are telling scientists that they were all formed recently and rapidly in a catastrophic event such as the global Flood described in Genesis.

Wilby also provided an inadvertent but powerful admission of the young age of the earth by saying that the squid ink was "fossilized so beautifully well that you can actually still write with it. It still looks as if it is modern squid ink. It's absolutely incredible to find something like this."(9)

It is only "absolutely incredible" if present geologic processes are presumed to have formed the rock record. If the various strata represent millions and millions of years, then "modern squid ink" in a fossil would be absolutely incredible. In contrast, according to the creation science model, most of the earth’s sedimentary strata were formed during the year-long great Flood. Thus, news of fresh "Jurassic" ink is perfectly consistent with a history based on the biblical account.


(1) Schweitzer, M. H. et al. 2005. Soft-Tissue Vessels and Cellular Preservation in Tyrannosaurus rex. Science. 307 (5717): 1952-1955.

(2) Schweitzer, M. H. et al. 2009. Biomolecular Characterization and Protein Sequences of the Campanian Hadrosaur B. Canadensis. Science. 324 (5927): 626-631.

(3) Thomas, B. The Dinosaur Mummy. ICR News. Posted on September 25, 2008, accessed August 19, 2009.

(4) Manning, P. L. et al. 2009. Mineralized soft-tissue structure and chemistry in a mummified hadrosaur from the Hell Creek Formation, North Dakota (USA). Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Published online before print July 1, 2009.

(5) Greenblatt, C. L. et al. 2004. Micrococcus luteus - Survival in Amber. Microbial Ecology. 48 (1): 120-127.

(6) Griffith, J. D. et al. 2008. Discovery of Abundant Cellulose Microfibers Encased in 250 Ma Permian Halite: A Macromolecular Target in the Search for Life on Other Planets. Astrobiology. 8 (2): 215-228.

(7) Krings, M. et al. 1997. Neandertal DNA Sequences and the Origin of Modern Humans. Cell. 90 (1):19-30.

(8) Vinther, J. et al. 2008. The colour of fossil feathers. Biology Letters. 4 (5): 522-525.

(9) The 150 million-year-old squid fossil so perfectly preserved that scientists can make ink from its ink sac. Archaeology Daily News. Posted on August 18, 2009, accessed August 19, 2009.

* Mr. Thomas is Science Writer at the Institute for Creation Research.


Authentic Dinosaur figurines from the 4,000 year old Hongshan Culture match Modern Day Fossil Recreations? Can you think through this one?

Did man and dinosaurs live together? Did the Hongshan artisan carve from what he saw and lived with? Or did the Hongshan culture have their own paleontology department who dug up fossils, pieced them together and recreated their own skin and flesh?

Same with these three Petroglyph's from Answers in Genesis. Did the natives create their rock art from seeing a living version of these? What does that say about the age of the earth?


Designer Moths Confound Evolutionary Worldview

Have a look at these 2 moths and tell me if time, blind chance, random mutations, and natural selection could account for this artistry? Does natural selection possess the intelligence to recognize the very very rare beneficial mutation and somehow discard the far greater bad mutations until the picture is painted? I don't think so. Natural selection explains the "survival of the fittest" but not the "arrival of the fittest".

Atlas Moth Photo by Robert Perry, Victoria, BC

Can you guess what this is? See the next photo.

Although not the same Emperor Moth you get the picture. Note

even the lighting in the dark pupil of the eyes.

Dinosaur Fossil Yields Pliable Soft Tissue and Blood Vessels! 

In the March 25, 2005 issue of "Science" it was reported that Dr. Mary Schweitzer and her team found Dino soft tissue and pliable blood vessels after the hind limb of a T-REX was cracked open in order to transport it from the field. The T-Rex fossil (allegedly 68 million years old) was found in the Hell Creek Formation of Montana within a soft (read porous) sandstone. The fossil was found in a "disarticulated" state and the sandstone was interpreted as "estuarine" in origin. Don't be dismayed by the technical words. Disarticulated means the fossil had been broken apart and estaurine means the fossil had been found in sediments sorted and laid down by flood waters. Kind of reads better without the technical words eh! How would your body stay together being pounded by mud flows in fast moving water!

Anyways, it was quite a surprise to find soft tissue and pliable blood vessels and possibly some blood cell remains in an allegedly 68 million year fossil.  It was thought that at the outside the tissue and blood vessels could have lasted no more than 100,000 years (although I would question even this number). As you might guess, quite a contradiction to the evolutionary religion. But on the other hand fits the creation model of most dinosaurs perishing in flood laid deposits some 4,400 years ago very well indeed!

A: The arrow shows that the demineralized tissue fragment is flexible and resilient and, when stretched returns to its original shape. Which defies belief that this is really millions of years old.

B: Parts of demineralized bone which could endure repeated hydration and dehydration and remain elastic

C: Parts of the demineralized bone showing fibrous nature which should not exist if this fossil was millions of years old

Photo credit: Mary Schweitzer

Soft flexible dinosaur blood vessel and cellular remains within

Well, Sherlock the evidence looks pretty fresh doesn't it. Dr. Schweitzer has embarked on a hunt to find similar evidence but she still has her evolutionary glasses on. We pray that her eyes might be opened as well as many others to where the evidence truly leads.

Short video as Dr Mary Schweitzer is interviewed here!


December 16, 2000

Alligat.jpg (41447 bytes)

It is amazing how many warm water fossils are found in the Arctic and Antarctic regions as well as the prairies of Western Canada. How did these get there? Of course without a canopy protected pre-flood world, giving moderate weather from pole to pole, you have to dream up all kinds of improbable impossibilities. Did continents really spin around like a ball bearing every so often to give each continent their share of time in the tropics? Really a physical, mathematical and engineering impossibility! No, is it because the collapse of the canopy at Noah’s flood brought tremendous climatic change and the flood fossilized warm weather animals and plants in areas of the world which had previously been protected by that canopy?

FishTwo.jpg (38854 bytes)


This fish is said to have died swallowing another fish whose fossilized remains can be seen within the bigger fish’s digestive cavity. If any fossil typifies sudden, rapid burial in sediments laid down by water this one does. The problem here is that there are literally billions of fish in fossil beds around the world, which have been suddenly entombed in like manner. Some have died half eating another fish! Talk about the "Last Supper". As the creation model has pointed out you only get fossils by rapid burial and lithification in sediments laid down by water. The whole world is full of these fossil beds. Noah’s flood with an internal meltdown of the earth would provide ample power and energy to accomplish this.

Horse2.jpg (67879 bytes)

The caption reads, "The development of the horse provides a classic example of evolution. Like most animals horses have a long history. But horses are different because we have a remarkably complete record of their evolution."

This display at the Royal Tyrrell is almost as flawed as the fictitious ape-man series they used to have with the Queen of England at the end of the line. The "Horse Series" is a speculative fabrication of a rock badger or African Hyrax with possibly various members of the horse "kind" plus perhaps two other "kinds" arranged to "prove" a prior belief in evilution. Circular reasoning at its deceptive best.


1. No creator, therefore everything had to come about by time, chance, and random processes. In other words you came from a big rock cooling down in space.

2. Sedimentary layers were laid down over immense periods of time therefore fossils in different layers lived at different times.

3. Common structures (homology) such as arms, legs, wings, etc. mean that fossils are related to one another by some unknown evilutionary process.

These assumptions, if accepted, lead to "proving" evilution by ordering fossils based on these assumptions. How many taxpayer dollars have been wasted on this never ending quest to "discover where we came from without a creator".

Each of the above assumptions should be rejected. Sediments were laid down at virtually the same time during and after Noah’s flood engulfing billions of fossils along the way. This means that there is no great time span available and the fossils lived at the same time. Common structures just mean that living things were designed to live in a common world therefore common designs for a common world. Ordering the series from smallest to largest and from 3-toed to 1-toed is purely arbitrary and offers no evidence for evilution except in the minds of those so engaged. They all lived contemporaneously just as the Shetland pony, the Clydesdale and the Hyrax do today.

The physical fossil evidence contradicts even evilutionary assumptions. Horse fossils have been found in the same rock layers showing that they were contemporaneously living at the same time.

National Geographic (January, 1981, p. 74) identifies the so-called early horse Pliohippus and the allegedly "modern" horse Equus as contemporary in a volcanic site in Nebraska.

Creation Research Society Quarterly (vol. 10, March, 1974, p. 196) In NE Oregon a 3-toed Neohipparion and a 1-toed Pliohippus were found in the same rock formation.


July 29, 1999

The following photos are courtesy of Dr. Joachim Scheven and highlight examples of fossils with their living counterparts (or cousins). Dr. Scheven has a creation web site at:

We are not saying that these examples are exactly the same (in some cases more like cousins). We do acknowledge "variation within a kind" already built in by genetic programming. What we intend for you to ask yourself is, are these basically the same? These fossils allegedly lived millions of years ago but is there any evidence of evolution between the fossil and its living counterpart? If the basic form of each is the same, would this not fit well with fossils formed only 4,300 years ago in flood laid sediments?

SassafrasFL.jpg (68205 bytes)

Sassafras (root beer tree) fossil version/ living version

ZacryptocerusAntFL.jpg (48710 bytes)

Zacryptocerus Ant in Caribbean Amber (allegedly 25 to 40 million years old) fossil version

Zacryptocerus Ant (Mexico) living version

PrawnFL.jpg (102279 bytes)

Prawn fossil (allegedly 150 million years old)

Prawn living version

MosquitoFL.jpg (58977 bytes)

Mosquito fossil version (allegedly 25 to 40 million years old)

Mosquito living version

Do these all look basically the same even though there is supposed to be millions of years between them? Where do your conclusions lead?


Posted February 26, 1999


The European Community Commemorative Coin and Stamp reveals some interesting features. Notice the coin has a WOMAN riding a SCARLET BEAST over WATER. Notice the stamp has a WOMAN riding a SCARLET BEAST over 7 hills. Now go read Daniel chapter 7 and Revelation chapter 17. These verses call for a Revived Roman Empire united with a false religious system headquartered in Rome (the city of 7 hills). This political/religious empire is identified as the last one before Christ returns. Is the European Union’s choice of symbolism a coincidence??


Posted February 26, 1999

yanobask.jpg (45544 bytes)

Looks like a Plesiosaur to me, the shark diagram I found done by an unbiased evolutionist looks PRETTY LAME to me! Japan thought so also, see the commemorative stamp below.

On April 25, 1977 the Japanese fishing ship Zuiyo Maru caught this decomposing carcass in its nets off the coast of New Zealand. It was photographed and some tissue samples were taken but the carcass was thrown back overboard. Japan even issued a commemorative stamp of a Plesiosaur (see below). However, a great hue and cry came up from the evolutionists that this could not be a Plesiosaur but must be a basking shark. Well, Sherlock, what do you think? Could a Plesiosaur have survived extinction if Noah’s flood happened only some 4,300 years ago?

PLESIOSTAMP.JPG (42117 bytes)


Calgary Herald, March 26, 1998

This article states that they have found a fossilized baby dinosaur with muscle fibers and some internal organs also present in fossilized form. The article states that this dinosaur lived 113 million years ago in southern Italy.

Let’s take some time to think about what this article is saying and the worldview it is based upon. First of all, how do you get a fossil? Evolution says that things were slowly buried over millions of years or they might acknowledge a river flood but definitely localized. This idea which is a foundation of the evolutionary worldview is entirely false if you think about it. You can only get this type of fossil if the creature was rapidly buried under catastrophic circumstances involving mud, water and cementing agents. The creature must be buried quickly so oxygen and the normal decay processes cannot begin their work. If this creature died and lay on the surface the body and bones would decay to dust very rapidly leaving no trace! Did you realize the world is full of billions of fossils in innumerable graveyards buried in a tangled mess in water deposited sediments? This is not an isolated river flood folks!

Consider the age of the fossil as being 113 million years. You know fossils aren’t found with a date on them. Do you know how this date was arrived at? It may surprise you. This date is based on a "geologic column" invented in the 1800’s by Charles Lyell. It is based upon Lyell’s BELIEF in evolution. It was created to show simple life forms at the bottom with more complex life forms at the top. Then each group was assigned a hypothetical age ASSUMING EVOLUTION WAS TRUE! This hypothetical column does not exist in the real world of sediments and rock layers. In the real world you find missing layers, out of order layers (simple fossil layers lying on top of complex fossil layers), continuous deposition features etc.. There is no real scientific evidence to support the dates on the geologic column.

Does the fossil evidence mentioned above support a worldview of evolution or the Biblical worldview of a young earth and the worldwide flood recorded by Noah? Think about it as someone who is given a supposedly eye witness account (Genesis) of a worldwide flood destroying all life? As an astute investigator where does this article truly lead?