Door Jamb Loder Pk
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Door Jamb Mountain Loder Peak Scramble – Canmore Exshaw

As viewed from the Transcanada

Trail begins immediately from the parking area which is right across from the eastern most Exshaw cement plant

After 15 minutes or so a look back at the cement plant

Typical terrain steep and fairly sustained

On the trail view of the ridge and slabs of Door Jamb Mountain

A short steep slab climb moving to the right

Another bigger slab climb moving to the right, not quite as scary as it looks

Approaching the slabby area just before Door Jamb summit

A closer view of the terrain just before the summit of Door Jamb

The summit of Door Jamb Mountain

The remaining route over to Loder peak. Loder Peak summit cairn is just beside the light brown area

The last bit of elevation to Loder Peak, circle around on the light brown terrain

Looking back at Door Jamb Mountain from the summit of Loder peak

Yours truly on the summit of Loder peak with Mt Fable to the right

Yours truly on the summit of Loder peak with Door Jamb behind to the left

Down climb area to access the first gully to do the Jura Creek loop. To find this spot, look north from the Loder Peak summit area and move to the right side edge of the summit area and head down along the slope looking for this drop down spot

Descending the first gully with the black dirt at the top

Typical terrain down the gully

The gully narrows near the bottom

Once at the bottom of the gully you head left to intersect Jura Creek

Water worn pools on Jura Creek

Jura Creek terrain

More Jura Creek terrain further down

Entering the big wash area of Jura Creek. You can access the road back to the trail head by the power lines seen in the distance

If you skip the Jura Creek loop and return back the same way

Might have to bum scoot in a few spots

Generally working your way to the right when easiest

Door Jamb Mountain Loder Peak Scramble - Canmore Exshaw

Scramble: Moderate scramble, route finding, rock slabs to ascend

Altitude: 1975m Door Jamb; 2,100m Loder Peak Approx Only

Elevation Gain: approx. 675m to Door Jamb approx. 125m to Loder

for a rough estimate of 800m in total (2,624ft total)

Ascent Time: about 2 hours give or take 20 min

Best Season to Scramble: May to October or whenever the route is snow free


This scramble because of its easterly location often escapes much of the snowy weather that Banff and Lake Louise get. It is an interesting early season scramble with a bit of route finding, some short stretches of climbing up slabs and good views for the effort. A good training climb for bigger objectives later in the summer.

It can be scrambled much earlier than July but if you do you must be aware of "tick" season. May and June are the months where "ticks are most active so you must learn about them and take proper precautions.

Getting There

Head west out of Calgary on the TransCanada highway # 1 to the Seebe turnoff (approx 63.5km from the Canada Olympic Park intersection to the Seebe turnoff), head north for 4.2 km to the old 1A. At the intersection of the old 1A highway head left (you’ll be travelling west) for about 5-6km until you see the first Exshaw cement facility. The trail head parking is in the ditch just opposite the cement plant. Room for maybe 8-10 vehicles here.

Route Description

This is the type of approach I like, the ridge starts immediately from the parking lot. Might be advised to warm up and stretch in the parking area as the start and the route is fairly sustained in its steepness. Lots of little rock steps and as you approach the last part to Door Jamb Mountain there is at least 3 places where you have to move up by climbing slabs to your right. Route finding skills are required on this peak to keep things to a moderate level of difficulty per Alan Kane’s classification in his book Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. Once you attain the Door Jamb summit enjoy a nice break with great views. From here you can see whole route for the next objective Loder Peak, approx. 400 feet more elevation gain but well worth it. From Loder peak there is the option to descend down a gully to Jura Creek and make it a loop. If that is your plan, looking north head to the right hand side of the Loder Peak summit area and move down the slope until you see a short down climb spot which allows you to access the first gully. From here descend the gully, not much of a trail, just steep descending, pick your best way. At the bottom of the gully you head left for a time until you intersect Jura Creek. Head left down Jura Creek and it brings you back to a big wash area just before the 1A highway. Access the road back to the trail head near the power lines.