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One for Israel is a You Tube channel with many 5 to 10 minute testimonies of Jewish people who found the Messiah (Yeshua HaMashiach) as their Savior. Many times it was looking at Old Testament passages and prophecies about the suffering Messiah. Isaiah chapter 53, Daniel chapter 9 v 24-27, Psalm 2 v 12, Psalm 22, Proverbs 30 v 4, Zechariah chapter 12 v 10 etc

One for Israel Video Link One for Israel



Billy Crone starts a 12 part series on the first 11 Chapters of Genesis and Noah's flood versus the fairy tale of evolution (socialist communist brainwashing of our youth). This is part 1. Everybody at the end of their life will have a one on one meeting with the Creator the Lord Jesus Christ. Did you receive the pardon purchased for you on the cross? Don't be a fool and follow this wicked and perverse generation!

Billy Crone You Tube Video Link Get a Life Media

Web Site Introduction

E – Mail me – Click Here - if you have questions that I can be of help with

The primary goal of this site is to give the reader enough knowledge to intelligently enter into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. There are plenty of religions that will give you a set of rules and rituals to follow and tell you that you might or might not get to their version of heaven. However I want to point you to that the God who created you wants to give you a "new nature" and replace the "old sinful nature" that He says you are born with (an old nature that is bent to do wrong). That's what a real living relationship with the true God is about, being born from above spiritually, it is called the "second birth".  This necessary conversion is what this site will elaborate on as you read the materials therein.  The Bible is a "revelation" from God about the past, present and future. Revelatory knowledge is knowledge that you would not know unless God revealed it to you. In other words you would have no way of figuring it out on your own by just observation of the world you were born into. I would commend to you to start to read the word of God (New Testament first) and let the Spirit of God speak to you. (King James Version recommended)

Free Bible download here 

Much of this site is apologetic in nature (giving intelligent reasons for the born again Christian faith not a spurious blind faith). Some areas covered Creation Science vs. Evolutionary Science, Noah’s Flood, the Pre-flood world, Dinosaurs in the Bible, Fossils, the Age of the Earth, Bible Prophecy and the Rapture. Note that I said Evolutionary Science as this worldview presents itself as "science" when it is really a religious philosophy,  foundational to the Humanist Manifesto and the Secular Humanist Religion (the major assumption being that there is no intelligent Creator designer). Atheists will call themselves skeptics but as a good detective I am highly skeptical that their foundational assumption is true. :)

Right at the start I want to make a distinction about the definition of science and the issue of origins. Empirical science is repeatable, testable, verifiable laboratory science in which your worldview on origins does not matter. Real empirical science in the here and now can be done by any competent scientist regardless of his views on origins. So the evolutionary worldview and the creation worldview about the unobservable past falls outside of empirical science and should be kept separate from it. Neither is by definition real science but more a model of origins which uses assumptions and  some science techniques to extrapolate earth history into the past. The question becomes whose assumptions are valid and what model best explains what we see in the here and now.

A Small Disclaimer: The Christian part of this site is meant to reveal why the Judeo-Christian worldview is accurate and true. It is meant to give you sound reasons as to why you should become a Biblical Christian and not neglect the call of Jesus Christ upon your life. The one thing I cannot do for you is take the step to actually become a Christian. That responsibility has been placed in your hands by God.

Be discerning about which church you align yourself with in these end times as the vast majority of them have defected from the faith in many areas. My thoughts would be to seek fellowship with like minded believers which may or may not involve a building. God always has a remnant of churches true to him in times of apostasy.

A few of the areas of defection would be denying the first 11 chapters of Genesis and Noah's flood as true history (like really Jesus himself affirmed the first 11 chapters of Genesis, are we to call Him a liar? apparently many are prepared to do so), holding to views other than pre-tribulation Bible prophecy, mixing worldly humanistic psychology with the Bible, not supporting the nation of Israel and God's end time plan for her, watering down the gospel to easy believism with no real heart felt repentance and call to surrender the will and take up the cross and follow Christ, emphasizing experience over sound doctrine instead of doctrine measuring the experience, seeking after signs and wonders, ecumenism through setting aside doctrinal differences, and using modern Bible Versions derived from questionable Greek and Hebrew manuscripts versus the God preserved manuscripts that underlie the King James Version.

It is an unfortunate sign, but a predicted sign of the end times, that apostasy would be abounding. Don’t let bad examples of Christianity stumble you or cause you to scoff. Satan is always masquerading as a Christian or Christian leader or starting up Christian sects which usually give a bad name to Christianity through some type of immorality or bizarre behavior or teachings. What better way to discredit the true Christian way and new birth. A real Christian won't be sinless but he will sin less ie not practicing sin as a way of life.

What Born Again Christianity Teaches vs What Roman Catholicism Teaches

Steps to Peace with God and How to be Born Again - a more detailed look at each step rather than your normal short tract that is handed out

True Saving Faith (The Narrow Gate) vs Faith Which Does Not Save (The Wide Road)

Short Story on "The Way to the Celestial City"

Bible Timeline from Genesis to Revelation for Israel and the Church


Not every spiritual experience is from God, in fact most are counterfeit experiences from fallen spirits. Whether these spirits call themselves ascended masters, or your higher self, or your friendly spirit guide, or your inner guide or space aliens  or the bliss or nirvana or going clear or even Jesus their goal is to deceive or control you or worse yet indwell you.  Satan is quite happy to offer you an experience to lead you into a false religion! How many of the eastern mystical religions and even Islam will tell you of their amazing religious experiences. Every spiritual experience must be tested by the true and pure word of God to avoid being deceived. Take a study of occultist practices warned about by God in Deuteronomy chapter 18 and you will see that they are abounding in our society and in these religions. It is amazing how the occult practice of Yoga has mushroomed in our society under the guise of stretching and exercise. Yoga is the main practice of the religion of Hinduism. A religion whose main tenets are in complete opposition to who God says he is and how you come to him.

The typical Hindu greeting in Yoga class "Namaste" means "I salute the god within you" an allusion to pantheism where Hindus believe that everything is god and all humans have a divine spark within them. Through Yoga their ignorance of their own divinity can be realized. Well no, you are personal, God is personal, He is not within you, He is separated from you by the sin you commit under the power of the fallen human nature.

Reincarnation, well no, it is appointed unto man once to die but after this the judgment, Hebrews 9 v 27. The quest for enlightenment through occult meditation practices? Well no, the real need is for forgiveness of sin and the new spiritual birth given through Jesus. The only fruit of occult meditation practices will be frequent encounters with fallen spirits who seek to deceive, control and destroy. If you are involved in these types of occult spiritual practices the spirits behind them will give you a hardness against the God of the Bible and His Son who in love for you stood in your place in God's courtroom 2,000 years ago.

Yoga a Stretch into the Occult by Jeremy Hall - a good article on the true nature of Yoga

A concise analysis of Yoga by Caryl Matrisciana on my favorite youtube page

Mike Shreve is an ex-yoga teacher who was delivered into the real light! His web site can be found here. The True Light


Reiki Healing  - another occult technique through laying on of hands with your spirit guide ( ie demonic beings) - no, not the same as the laying on of hands in the Bible

I could not embed this Youtube video below but a good presentation on what is really going on with Reiki. This link will take you off site.

Another link to a good article explaining the occultic roots of Reiki by a former Reiki teacher who found the Lord Jesus Christ and renounced the practice. This link will take you off site.


For each of us personally it is going to be one on one in God's court room whether you believe it or not. And He does not want you to come to that meeting alone on your own merits. God's counsel is to settle out of court through His Son who has already stood in your place and my place and paid the penalty due in His own courtroom.  In love he did not grasp the highest privileges of His position in heaven but set those aside and took the lowest position on earth. He came on a rescue mission. He willingly because of love for you and for me took the blows we deserved. He was innocent yet stood in the place of the guilty. I had with my sinful life allowed Him no alternative. There was no other way to deal with the problem of sin and be both just and loving. No other way to remove the penalty of sin levied against you and against me! If I had to pay it was eternal separation from God, if He paid, a way was opened up for forgiveness and peace with God. Did you know that even when Jesus was creating the universe that He knew he would have to enter His own creation and make that payment in God's courtroom. He is the only person who truly loves you in all the unconditional fullness that that term really means. He is the only person you can really trust without reservation.

Will you let God soften up your heart so you see yourself as lost and under penalty in His courtroom? Will you count the cost to receive and follow Christ? Will you ask God to make you willing to surrender the throne of your will to His Son and trust in that payment in God's courtroom 100%? Better to face things, than run and hide in spiritual darkness or hide in a religion of do the best you can. Do you know of anybody who is doing a good job of running their own lives?

God is waiting for you. He is withholding judgment on an awful lot of sinful behavior as He waits and calls sinners to His Son for the new birth. Do not be one who He says "resisted His Spirit in that call".

2 Peter 3 verse 9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering (patient) to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Ezekiel 33 v 11 Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, (O fallen sinners, turn to the Son)

Ephesians 2 v 1-3 And you (the new believer) hath he quickened (caused to be born again), who were dead in trespasses and sins. (v2) Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course (sinful ways) of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air (led by the fallen angelic realm), the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience. (v3) Among whom also we all had our conversation (behavior) in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath (born spiritually dead with enmity towards God), even as others.

1 Peter 4 v 2,3 (v2)That he (the new believer) no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh (controlled by the sinful independent nature) to the lusts of men, but to (doing) the will of God. (v3)For the time past of our life may suffice us to have wrought the will of the Gentiles, when we walked in lasciviousness (sexual promiscuity with no shame), lusts (overly strong selfish desires), excess of wine, revellings (public displays of drunkenness and carousing from place to place to drink), banquetings, (living to party, if it feels good do it, self seeking pleasure as life's only goal), and abominable idolatries (participating in religions which have a false way to God)

A good place to start is by downloading a free KJV Bible from and read the book of Matthew. God will meet you there, well be careful Satan may also stop by to hinder you or pretend he is god or the holy spirit.

With these thoughts in mind I hope you will read thoroughly and weigh carefully the material presented. God’s justice and God’s love are both satisfied and demonstrated for you in the person of Jesus Christ.

A summary of the gospel message is here in the next link below called "Escaping the Dark Planet".

new04x.gif (1169 bytes)Escaping the Dark Planet and the Battle for the Mind - Science fiction pales in comparison to the spiritual veil upon the minds of men and the invisible beings who can erase your thoughts as you get close to escaping the dark planet! A must read for Christians and Non-Christians alike.

new04x.gif (1169 bytes)How Close Are We to the End? Bible Prophecy Outline and Update to 2012


new04x.gif (1169 bytes) Fresh Fossil Jurassic Squid Ink That You Can Still Write With Claimed to be 150 Million Years Old! Click on the link to read the article!

Nothing like demolishing your own dating system through examining fossils! So as if the fresh dinosaur tissue below isn't enough to abandon a theory, now we are able to write with squid ink that is allegedly 150 million years old! Hello, can we follow the evidence to where it really leads?

new04x.gif (1169 bytes)Authentic Dinosaur figurines from the 4,000 year old Hongshan Culture match Modern Day Fossil Recreations? Can you think through this one?

Click on photo to see larger version


Another amazing strike against the religion of evolutionary humanism. Take a look at these photos of Dino tissue and blood vessels!

Short video as Dr Mary Schweitzer is interviewed here!


Governments in North America currently sponsor the Humanist religious philosophy in public education. Evolution is a cornerstone of the “Humanist Manifesto”, a decidedly religious philosophical worldview document. The concept of evolution is not new but is part of eastern religions such as Hinduism (which also claims to be one of the oldest religions). Greek philosophers had the concept of evolution as part of their “Great Chain of Being” ideas in around 600 BC.

The believers in the Evolutionary Secular Atheistic Humanist Religion seek, possibly some unintentionally, to exclude the Judeo Christian worldview from access to their rightful share of each countries allocated education funds. The real issue is not “science” versus “religion”. It is “evolutionary science” versus “creation science”.  The humanists misrepresent their religious philosophy by presenting it as “science”. When it comes to “origins” neither the evolutionary science worldview nor the creation science worldview can prove their position by the “empirical scientific method”. Each worldview uses foundational assumptions which are used to “interpret” the world in the present. Therefore both can only develop a model that seeks to explain the world, the rocks and fossils in the present.

Having examined the two models I find the evolutionary model has little real evidence that stands up to scrutiny of their assumptions used to reach their interpretations of the world, the rocks and the fossils in the here and now. Evolutionary assumptions which are foundational to their belief system create their interpretations (no scientific method here!). Evolutionists leap past their foundational assumptions or beliefs and begin deceptively or perhaps in their own self deception offering micro changes as examples of evolution. Usually all that is really happening is variation in the genetic programming that is already built into living things. No new genetic programming has been added. Genetic barriers of change are there that will never result in a change from one “kind” into another. Notice I said “kind” not species as there is a big difference between the two. Another foundational assumption is that life sprang from non-living materials. This is scientifically and mathematically impossible. The other main foundation is called “natural selection”. This concept is deceptively given supernatural powers to add genetic information and programming and build fantastically complex life forms all by time and random chance. Natural selection actually does nothing! It’s just another way of saying that as the original genetic programming deteriorates in living things and as aging and death result only those living things which have suffered the least amount of genetic deterioration will likely survive.

The evolutionary model has a foundation of deception, the impossible and the amazing “does nothing” law yet is passed off as science.

Therefore both evolutionary science and creation science are religious/philosophical worldviews about the unrepeatable past history of earth and should have equal access to funds and public discourse. One proposal is that public education needs to be funded by a voucher system where each parent can educate their children under their worldview of choice. The current educational situation is untenable as everybody is in effect being brainwashed by the evolutionary worldview exactly as was done by the communists in Russia and China. This happens when other views are censored, misrepresented and denied funds. Public education needs to be freed for all worldviews. Another proposal is to separate origins from science and teach empirical science only. A separate origins course could be offered where both models of past history could have freedom to be discussed.

If you think about it, real empirical science in the here and now can be done by any competent scientist regardless of his views on origins. And yet we have this massive discrimination against one group of scientists based upon their view on origins. What's even more galling is that the larger group is trying to prove it's view on origins at taxpayers expense wasting millions of dollars to chase rabbit trails which never really support their philosophical views.


My name is Allan Ask formerly of Drumheller, Alberta currently living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The cornerstone of my site is the online book called "As in the Days of Noah – An Overview of Genesis to Revelation". Around 120 pages to read with 12 chapters from 5 to 20 pages long.

I believe the Bible answers the big questions in life and have tried to highlight the important issues for our generation. There are chapters on Creation Science vs. Evolutionary Science, Noah’s Flood, the Pre-flood world, Bible Prophecy, the return of Jesus Christ and how to have a real relationship with God without being religious. The information on Creation Science vs. Evolutionary Science will be a real eye opener. The media, public education, and Hollywood are the leading propagandists of our time putting forth a "atheistic evolutionary secular humanist world view" diametrically opposed to the "Judeo-Christian world view". The former world view has enslaved and destroyed many a nation while the latter world view when properly responded to and with proper checks and balances in the nation has brought blessing from God.


Not only does evolution offer no valid mechanism (see my online book chapter 4) to explain these designer moths. But it just boggles the mind the amount of genetic programming required to do this. The fingerprints of an infinite artist?


You would think that the replacement for Carl Sagan and Stephen J. Gould would have an answer for such an important question as this one. Another blow against this worldview. Listen for yourself as he gets owned and then purposely misses the point. May the Lord open his eyes.


Looking at ourselves, the world around us, and recent human history, there is obviously something and someone out of control. What is the point to life if you came from an animal and are headed for the grave? What is the purpose for life? What is wrong with me and what is wrong with others? There are such horrendous things being done to one another in this world. What hope is there for the future? Are we to gather as much pleasure from this world as we can and then die?

These are real issues which I believe have real answers. This world is not the way God originally created it. There was a rebellion against God by our original parents Adam and Eve. The result was a broken relationship with God, the beginning of the process of aging, death, and the birth of selfishness. We live in a world where everyone is acting like a little god. In fact it’s encouraged and promoted as a virtue. The daily news reveals what happens when the wills of little gods collide.

There is hope because God has promised to restore creation and the human race to its pre-rebellion state. He wants every person to be restored to a right relationship with him if they so choose. That’s the reason for the online book available here. I believe that with a little detective work the evidence that is in the world around us will confirm the Biblical account of Noah’s Flood, the fall of the human race into sin, and each person’s need to be restored to a right relationship with the true God.

Please feel free to print out each chapter for your personal reading. Each chapter is from 5 to 20 pages long. Please observe normal copyright regulations. Please feel free to make copies to give to your friends for their perusal.

Please feel free to pass this web site address to others.